Where the Heck is the Rest of ASMODEUS??

Readers have been asking me when the rest of ASMODEUS is coming out and what the hold up is…..

4 thoughts on “Where the Heck is the Rest of ASMODEUS??”

  1. I liked the series concept because it gave me something to read that wasn’t an entire series all at once. So when I was waiting for a new release to an existing series I had a book to read. I always read a series all at once. So if I buy into the series I purchase all at once and non stop read until the next release. So these were perfect especially while I wait for the next Amoveo release. Love you books totally and I pimp them all the time LOL

  2. Thank you for the update on Asmodeus. I also was wondering about the next installment, but I completely understand and appreciate the difficulty in prioritizing family and life. I look forward to all of your upcoming work as I am a devoted reader.

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