What I’m Working on Now

This past year has been a challenging one for me personally and professionally. I won’t go into all the gory details, so I’ll simply call it a year of transition. After being stuck in what can only be called creative constipation, I’m finally getting back into the groove with my current WIP–the first book in the Dragons Rising series.

I know those of you who read UNDISCOVERED are looking for Zed’s book and it’s coming but not quite yet. Zed will play an integral role in this new series but he doesn’t get to be a hero right away. I don’t want there to be any spoilers but let’s just say that Zed has to earn his status as a hero.

Meanwhile, there are a dozen other dragons who have been hibernating deep below ground for about five hundred years. Thanks to a series of earthquakes caused by fracking in the area, Gunn Scott, leader of this rag-tag group of Dragons, is awakened. Mingled among the rumblings of the earth, however, are the distinct screams of a woman. She is, of course, not just any woman but a descendant of the witch who cursed the Lorens brothers (Zander and Zed from UNDISCOVERED) all those years ago. She also happens to be in possession of the most powerful stone known to Gunn’s people, the Dragon’s Breath Opal.

Love is never simple, is it?

I’m in a frantic push to get this book completed before I leave for RT in Atlanta but I WILL FINISH IT.

Back to work and thank you for being my readers!


8 thoughts on “What I’m Working on Now”

  1. Can’t wait you have once again pulled me in and I await the next installment of dragons. Love your writing

  2. I absolutely love this series, starting with “Unleashed”.
    I’ve buened through this series in a mere matter of days! Thank you for these as they’ve kept me company and reminded me that love is always the answer.I

  3. Just finished UNDISCOVERED.
    Loved it. When is the next book in this series due out?

  4. I have loved your work, all the series are so full of action and romance. Exactly the stuff I love. Are there any more books about the rest of the McGuire brothers on the horizon?

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