Week #5 Semi-Finalist: The Grauel Family

Hello, My name is Jessica Grauel, and this is our young family, My husband SPC Jacob Grauel, and two boys, Jackson (3) & Jase (1).

My husband is currently in Afghanistan, so I have been spending the days chasing two toddlers around, quilting, & reading. We have been stationed in Fort Richardson Alaska for the last three years, but during his deployment I decided to be closer to my extended family and stay in Florida. Alaska wasn’t the easiest place to live, but sure was interesting. We literally had a ski slope across the street, like the neighborhood playground hehe. We also had moose everywhere who could step right over our fences into our yards. We lived on base, and thank goodness we did, because when the snow started, driving anywhere was scary.

 Luckily on post they had everything within a few blocks, PX, Commisary, gas stations, schools, church, and my husbands motor pool where he works. We had to plug our car in at night to keep it from getting too cold, and yes there was 6 months of darkness & 6 months of daylight. Totally weird. We did see beautiful northern lights dance across the sky, saw dog sledding, my husband and his company jump out of airplanes, glaciers, wildlife, and turquoise clear water. It was an outdoor dream. Imagining a winter alone there with two little ones seemed too hard for me to handle myself, shoveling 17 feet of snow is definitely on HIS honey-do list, not mine! hahaha, I’m happy to be in Florida, total weather change, but really I just cannot wait untill we are all back under one roof again.

It’s hard hearing my one year old call any male stranger “daddy”, and even harder when I don’t hear from my husband, or I DO hear about action overseas.- And there’s a lot! So staying busy is my mantra to get this family through our first deployment. I’m so proud of my husband and what he’s doing, but man, I sure am ready to have him to myself again!!! Smile

How about you?
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