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RC2013Nom_ShifterI’m so excited that my sexy bad boy from the Tiger Clan was nominated for Sexiest Shifter over at Grave Tells Reviews! See the sexy beast below? That is model Steve Moriarty and he posed for the cover of UNCLAIMED. Dominic’s hair is darker but everything else is spot on.

steve as domnic






Here’s one of my favorite moments in UNCLAIMED and a sizzling example of why Dominic Trejada should get your vote.



Warning–It’s not for those under 18.


“I want you, Tatiana,” he ground out. “I can’t escape you. No matter how hard I’ve tried to get you out of my head, it’s no use. You’ve bewitched me, put me under a spell so that I can’t see, hear, or feel anything but you.”
As Dominic spoke, he walked her backward, toward one of the freshly cleaned stalls, and she moved with him, knowing what his intentions were. His hands drifted up her rib cage, brushed along her arms, and found their way once again around her wrists.Tatiana’s breath came quickly, and her skin tingled as he branded her with his stare. She let out a gasp as her back bumped into the wall, and Dominic pinned her there. His erection pressed enticingly against her belly as he lifted her arms over her head and leaned his taut body against hers.
“Before you,” he whispered, his face hovering an inch away, “the only thing that mattered was doing my job as Guardian, but now… it’s you, Tatiana.”

Dominic ground himself against her as he nudged her legs apart with his knee, trailing kisses along her neck. With every breath, her breasts crushed against his chest, sending jolts of pleasure through her. Dominic had her wet and panting, and if he didn’t kiss her soon, she might scream. A growl rumbled in his chest as Tatiana tilted her head to the side, allowing him better access to the hypersensitive skin on her neck. She wrapped one leg around him, pulling him against her most sensitive spot. Dominic lifted his head and locked eyes with her, their lips a breath apart, and she whispered the words into his mind… I want you, Dominic.

Yes. Her mind touched his on a whisper.

On groan of pleasure, he covered her mouth with his, running his tongue along the seam of her mouth as she opened to him. Warmth raced through her as he linked their fingers, pressed her wrists against the wall, and drank from her greedily. His kiss was hard and demand- ing, taking everything she had to give and more. Her body screamed with need as the fire he started raged out of control.
Tatiana yanked her hands from his, needing to touch him and hold him. She ran her fingers over the slick planes of his chest and then trailed them over his rip- pling, six-pack abs as she licked and nibbled at his lips. Fumbling with his belt, they laughed through their kiss, and he groaned as she finally released him.The sight of him fully aroused was almost as much of a turn-on as hearing him moan when she ran one finger up the hot length of skin—scorching satin over steel. Dominic breathed a sigh of pleasure against her lips as she took the heavy weight of him in her hand and stroked.

Dominic deepened the kiss as she worked him, and his talented fingers slipped beneath her sweat-soaked top. He lifted it over her breasts and pushed her bra aside before capturing her swollen breast in his eager hands. The rough skin of his palm braised the sensitive nipple, sending shocks of pleasure to her feminine center. Erotic waves swamped her as she worked the hot length of him and ran her thumb over the swollen head. He pinched her nipple as she arched into his hand and kept massaging his engorged cock.
“Oh God, yes,” he whispered as she massaged him.
Dominic broke the kiss, and in one swift movement, pulled her shorts and underwear down past her hips, which she quickly stepped out of and kicked aside. Tatiana let out a soft cry of pleasure as his fingers slid between her slick folds, and he slipped two inside of her. Holding her gaze, his thumb worked the tiny bundle of nerves, making her wet and ready.
Sensing they were both nearing the edge, Dominic gently removed her hand from him and once again linked his fingers with hers. A sly grin cracked his face as he held her hands over her head with one hand and pinned her body against the wall with his much larger frame. The look in his eye was feral and predatory and made her moan as she waited for the only thing that could satisfy her.
This was what she needed—what they both needed.

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