UNDONE Release Month Party!

images-1The release of UNDONE is finally here! I am so excited for readers to get their hands on Pete and Marianna’s story.

UNDONE arc cover

This is the fourth book in the Amoveo Legend series and things sure do heat up. The civil war between the Purist and Loyalist Amoveo is at a boiling point and the Purists have their sights set on Marianna. This book is a game changer and readers will get to meet the vampires in NYC, as well as some other new characters.


You can read the first chapter and watch the video trailer here.


What reviewers are saying…

“Searing lovemaking, interesting world building-lions and tigers and bears, oh my! The fourth in Humphreys’ series is compelling. ” – Booklist

“Spellbinding… This fast-paced, jam-packed thrill ride will delight paranormal romance fans. ” – Publishers Weekly

“Humphreys’ skillful storytelling is so intriguing, you’ll have a hard time putting this book down. 4 ½ Stars, Top Pick of the Month! ” – RT Book Reviews


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It wouldn’t be a party without a door prize or two. Check out the widget below for the details on how to enter. Thank you to all of my readers for coming along with me on this wild ride.

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159 thoughts on “UNDONE Release Month Party!”

  1. I loved Undone. Pete and Marianna are a new version of an Amoveo couple because it’s the woman that’s the Amoveo. There’s also a few surprises in the story that everyone should read about. I can’t talk about them because their spoilers.

  2. Undone was in my Kindle when I woke up this morning! I’m so excited! I can’t wait for lunch to start reading it!

  3. Fave party drink? I’m a simple girl and probably considered boring now! Just give me a Mike’s Hard Lemonade and I’m Happy! Literally like after 2 I just love everyone!

    Happy Release day! Can’t wait to start reading!

  4. I’ve been a long time rum & coke drinker, but a margarita is always good for special occasions like this 🙂

  5. I LOVE rum punch. Basically we add pineapple juice, OJ, and cranberry with copious amounts of white rum with a splash of grenadine. Yum-O! At a party you could make it all pretty by adding cherries, pineapple slices, or orange slices!

  6. Bummers! I have to work today but I will be in and out later on to share and spread the word!!!! LOVED Undone! You all have to read this book!!!

    Congrats again, Sara!

  7. I’m reading it now, and I’m loving it! Congratulations on a wonderful new release!

  8. Favorite party drink? Anything with a yummy fruity taste mixed with alcohol.

  9. My drink of choice would have to be a cowboy or a lemon ruski. Congrats on the book release

  10. Thanks for not revealing any spoilers, Valerie!! So glad you liked the change up with the hero and heroine.

  11. Happy Book Release Day! Looking forward to reading it. As for a party drink, like some others on here I am not much of a drinker but I do like strawberry daiquiris.

  12. Hi Sarah! Thanks 🙂 A nice cold daiquiri is always a great choice…especially if on a beach somewhere.

  13. I love this series and I have Undone in my greedy little hand. I first started with just a quick read of Undenied and loved it so much I had to have the rest of the books. I got no sleep for 2 days.

  14. My favorite party drink is something my husband and I invented that we lovingly call a Pink Nightmare. We take a bottle of Mike’s Hard Cranberry and add a shot of vanilla rum and a shot of peach schnapps. It is super yummy, but will knock you down fast. And, if I can’t do that, then I usually just drink dark beer.

  15. I haven’t read anything by you…YET…Sara. But I fully intend to begin NOW. I’ve been hearing a lot about you and all good. Plus, you were recommended by a friend of mine. I am a lover of all things paranormal (wish I could meet a shifter or ghost in person) and saying no more, I’m off to Amazon to get a book of yours. Congrats on your great series and the release of Undone! jdh2690@gmail.com

  16. Sara it was great to meet you at RT. Finished Unleashed last night, now on Untouched!!! Loved it!!!

  17. Congrats Sara. UNDONE was an amazing story. I have told many friends to buy it today and that they would love it too.
    My favorite party drink is any kind of Hurricane from Pat O’ Briens in the French Quarter….LOL

  18. I think Marianna @ the club had the right idea for today, to celebrate the release of Undone, I raise a glass of nice cold bubbly Asti Spumante in congrats 🙂

  19. Hi Ms. Sara!!! I had to go back to work today and trying to catch up after days of fun at RT. I wanted to join the party to celebrate the release of “Undone”. Cheers!!!

  20. Thank you so much, Michelle! Word of mouth is the best gift 🙂 The French Quarter is one of my favorite places on earth.

  21. Pilar!!!! I had such a blast hanging out with you at RT. You’re such a doll and I’m thrilled you’re enjoying the series.

  22. Hi Janice-Great to connect with you and I hope you’ll enjoy the series. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on my paranormal guys.

  23. Vodka, lime and lemonade or if I’m feeling a little more adventurous a raspberry cosmo

    Congrats on the release x

  24. Happy Release Day!! I love me some margaritas.. all flavors! But lately I have gotten into Effin Blackcherry Vodka and Cranberry Juice.. oh my gosh better than koolaide!

    Remember ladies read your books and after you have rolled around in the scrumptiousness that is Pete make sure you give Sara some love by posting a review.. Amazon only has six so far

  25. Happy Release Day! I am trying to control myself and not fly through Untamed but now it’s so tempting because Undone is out. However I know I’ll have readers remorse if I read to quick… Oh the stress of good books. XOXO

  26. I don’t drink but I’m a coffee addict so any excuse to drink a cup I’ll take 😀 Happy Release Day!

  27. Flavored vodka is nice. I like raspberry. Shauni…thanks for the shout out about the reviews. They are a HUGE help!

  28. CONGRATS on your new release Sara! I cannot wait to read UNDONE! I have to say, the cover is stunning! Kudos to whomever designed this beautiful cover! I wish you all the success with UNDONE. *big hugs*. Shelbie =)

  29. Thanks so much, Shelbie! I have to give all the props to the Sourcebooks art department. They always do a beautiful job.

  30. congrats Sara!!! this book from what little I have gotten to read so far is awesome!!

    My fav drink if im drinking hard stuff is a kamikaze if im not sweet tea even at parties

  31. Halfway through Undone and loving it. Congrats on another great book; thanks for the fun read. Party drinks… not always an option, but ever since I saw Moonstruck, I like to have champagne with sugar added :-).

  32. No party is a decent party without a good glass (or 2 or 3) of chilled wine. Strawberry Daiquiri goes down well too.
    I haven’t read your books before, but I’ve just read the first chapter of Undone and I’m hooked!!! Your were recommended by my friend and your fellow writer Aneesa Price. I’ve officially become a fan. I’m logging onto Amazon to buy Undone tonight. Happy release day. Looking forward to reading your series.

  33. Stayed up all night last night reading this fantastic book. Lurve it and the series. That cover, sheesh, it’s almost as hot as the actual story. I may sleep with it under my pillow tonight.

  34. I look forward to reading your book. My favorite party drink is Vintage German wine

  35. Hooray! I’m so glad you enjoyed Pete and Marianna’s story 🙂 They were such fun to write about.

  36. Hi Mary-Anne! I’m psyched you are checking it out and big thanks to Anessa for suggesting my books 🙂 Oh, and I love wine too.

  37. Mine is long island iced tea.. Congrats on your book..Thanks for sharing it with all of us!!

  38. Those are really good but dangerous because they don’t taste like booze. LOL. Thanks for the well wishes and for being a devoted reader!

  39. Me too. HOpe you’ll enjoy the series. If you have a kindle or a nook, you can get UNDENIED for free.

  40. Congratulations on the release of Undone! Love the Amoveo Legend series.
    My favorite party drink is a margarita.

  41. Congratulations on your newest release, Sara!

    My favorite party drink during the summer months is a homemade peach Sangria. Ohh laa laa!!

    Thanks so much for the amazing giveaway chance 🙂

  42. Hi Terry, Thank you for swinging by today. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the world of the Amoveo.

  43. I don’t drink alcoholic beverages, and I can’t have a lot of caffeine (sigh!), so I’ll say Sprite or 7-Up.

  44. Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

    My favorite drink right now is a Pina Colada. 🙂

  45. Congrats on the new release. Can’t wait to read it. I don’t drink so I’d have to say Sprite, 7-UP, something like that.

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