Top 5 Monday Blues Busters

Mondays kinda suck. Let’s face it…they do. If I don’t get a hold of a bad mood or a bad attitude, it can very quickly turn into a crappy day.  I learned a long time ago that happiness is a choice in most cases and instead of wallowing in the Monday Blues, I choose to bust those blues wide open. I’ll admit that it doesn’t always work and there are days when the bad mood will win but these are the five blues busters that work the best for me.

1. Exercise: Once I’m doing it…it’s all good. Those endorphins really do make a difference and will not only re-frame my body but my mind as well.

2. Making a conscious choice: Sometimes I simply have to say it outloud…I will have a good day today.  I know it’s self-affirmation and you’re probably getting an image of that Deep Thoughts SNL skit but I tell ya…it works.

3.You Tube: Watching a few videos of my favorite songs or a fun montage of bloopers can turn a frown upside down. One of my favorite shows is The Big Bang Theory and there are a bunch of blooper reels from it on You Tube. Like this one.


4. Music: A great song can turn any bad mood on it’s ear but there is one  in particular that will put me in a good mood every time! The Sound of Sunshine by Michael Franti!


5. Talking to a good friend: Talking to one of my girlfriends can always turn my mood around.If I’m feeling down in the dumps, I can always pick up the phone and call one of the girls. I hope they feel the same way and know that they can call me for the same lift. A conversation with a good friend is the best cure for any ill.

So how about you? What’s your blues buster?

Dream on….

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Monday Blues Busters”

  1. If I’m at home then I’ll pop in my favorite comedies like the 40 Year Old Virgin or The Hangover. Listening to 80s and 90s pop music also helps.

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