The Walking Dead: I’ve Been Infected

I haven’t been this obsessed with a show since Moonlighting and that’s saying something. That show was on when I was in high school and I never missed an episode. Ever. David Addison, played by the always sexy, Bruce Willis, was my crush for years.  He was funny and always had a naughty twinkle in his eye. When that show ended I was super bummed.


Fast forward a few years (Okay, fine, more than a few years.) and I find myself once again obsessed with a fictional television program.

The Walking Dead.


Here’s the thing. I would see people talking about it on social media and I heard my own sons discussing it but I just didn’t understand the attraction. Seriously. Everyone on that show looks like they need a shower and a bar (or twelve) of soap. I know, I know, they’re running from zombies and fighting for their lives but still–it didn’t appeal to me.

And Darryl, the character played by Norman Reedus, looked like the dirtiest of the bunch. Why on earth were women so obsessed with him?
imagesMmmkay. Now I get it. I watched one episode and that quickly turned into binge-watching all five seasons on Netflix. Don’t judge me.

Darryl’s character arc is the most interesting, as far as I’m concerned. He started out as this seemingly unredeemable bad guy and has ended up a true hero. He’s exquisitely broken and if there’s one type of man that women are drawn to, it’s the “broken guy”.  You know why? We want to fix him and save him from himself.


When I found out that the cast will be at the Walker Stalker convention in December in NY/NJ…well you know I had to get tickets.

The Norman Reedus VIP ticket was sold out but I got one on eBay. (Don’t ask what I paid because it’s embarrassing.) I also bought my boys day passes for that Saturday, so we’ll all be going. My ticket includes a photo and autograph with Mr. Reedus.

Yes. I’m a dork. What can I say? I’ve been infected by the Darryl-is-awesome virus.

I can’t wait the season 6 premiere this Sunday.

How about you? Do you watch The Walking Dead? If not, is there a show you’re obsessed with?


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