The Good, the Bad, and the Vampire

Book 4 of the Dead in the City series

“Sara Humphreys combines vampire and cowboy into a devastatingly sexy hero! The Good, the Bad, and the Vampire is a compelling, pulse-pounding, titillating adventure that grabs you from the first page, tosses you down, and steals your breath. Humphreys is a must-read in the paranormal genre!”–NYT Bestselling Author, Rebecca Zanetti

Beloved author Sara Humphreys’ acclaimed paranormal romance series continues with sweltering attraction between two vampires who have all the time in the world to satisfy their desires..

12030926_1706034969630776_451401889_nHe wants eternity?
Dakota Shelton is a vampire cowboy with a penchant for cinnamon lollipops and Johnny Cash. Though highy skilled and deadly dangerous to his enemies, he’s still a Texas good ol’ boy at heart. And he has that heart set on wooing Trixie LaRoux-the most badass punk rock chick in town-the old-fashioned way.

Over her undead body…
Trixie is tough as nails and sharp as a silver stake-the last thing she wants is a man to sit on a porch and not grow old with. So it’ll take going to hell and back fighting a new threat to vampires before she admits Dakota’s courtship makes her blood hum. Turns out chivalry’s not dead after all.

Dead in the City series:
Tall, Dark and Vampire (Book 1)
Vampire Trouble (Book 2)
Vampires Never Cry Wolf (Book 3)
The Good, the Bad and the Vampire (Book 4)

“Humphreys has outdone herself with this fun tale of opposites attracting. The sizzle is so strong that readers will practically feel the sparks coming off the page. All fans of paranormal romance need to read this book.” -RT Book Reviews, 4½ stars
“Ms. Humphreys’s hypnotic writing…ignites the readers’ mind, body, and soul.” -Night Owl Reviews
“Everything I want in a paranormal romance-full of fun werewolf and vampire sexiness.” -Fresh Fiction

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2 thoughts on “The Good, the Bad, and the Vampire”

  1. Dear Sara,

    I am sending this note to tell you that I have just read and greatly appreciate your novels (I’ve read all but a couple I think)…

    I am a Retired Army Master Sergeant and recently retired from Government Civil Service as well. I began reading for pleasure 50+ years ago beginning with Science Fiction and expanded to Historical Fiction, Western Fiction, Military Fiction & Non Fiction, Drama, Mystery and most recently a genre that I had for most of those years, ignored – Christian / Romance. I had always ‘looked down my nose’ at the Romance Genre (my mistake).

    As previously mentioned, I am retired from the U.S. Army and as a Retired NCO, I remember being sometimes so engrossed in the actions and behaviors of a small number of ‘trouble makers’ (soldiers with a knack for ‘getting into trouble’). I came to realize that I was paying attention to them to the exclusion of the ‘good soldiers’. When I realized what I was doing, I determined not to do that anymore – to ignore the good soldiers. The ‘good ones’ frequently ‘plod’ along quietly every day, doing what they were told and performing to the best of their ability (regardless of whether anyone ever told them, “Good Job! Ya Done Good!”).

    I will not ‘critique’ your novel; it appears that you (or at least someone) proof read your novel already. I used to ‘proofread’ as part of my job as an Administrative Non-Commissioned Officer. I know that many errors ‘escape detection’ prior to publication; I saw no such errors in your work – just a ‘top notch’ job of ‘story telling’. This is just to reiterate, “Good Job! Ya Done Good!”


    Doug Hart

    P.S. Oh, I live in Salcha, Alaska (about 30 miles SE of Fairbanks in the Interior of the State

  2. Hello Doug!
    First of all, thank you for your service to our country!!
    Secondly, thanks for being one of my readers and for taking the time to stop by and share. I am truly grateful for your support and I’m thrilled my stories bring you some joy xx

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