Tampa Book Signing

148391_10151497569330628_2094512925_nThis weekend I flew down to Tampa, Florida for a book signing and to take a break from this crazy New York winter. Nan, the Community Relations Manager at the Barnes & Noble, set up a fantastic event! I have to be honest, whenever I have a signing I wonder if anyone will show up. It’s that fear that I’ll throw a party and no one will come.

However, I’m happy to report that couldn’t have been further from the truth for this event. Before the signing even started, I received a tweet from one of my readers who lives in Tampa. Brigitte had been waiting for me to come to her area but that night she had tickets for the Lightning hockey game. I told her if she wanted to get one ahead of time and leave it at B&N, I would be happy to sign it for her. So she did and Brigitte even posted it a pic of it on twitter.


Question: How cool is she? Answer: Super cool.

We were staying with good friends of ours while we were in Tampa and my buddy Amy was kind enough to come along and snap a few photos.  When we got to the store, there were even a couple of folks ready and waiting–a first for me, kids.

It was Margaret and her husband Charlie. Margaret is one of my street team gals and such a trooper to make the trip and stay the whole time! She wore her Sara’s Angels t-shirt! Woot! Margaret is such a superstar angel–she even brought me a printout of all the local libraries with contact info. Now that is how you street team!



Another of my street team gals showed up with her son! It was great. She told me that when she was trying to explain how excited she was to come to the signing, she told her son who is a big basketball fan… “It’s like if you were getting to meet LeBron!”  Color me  happy on that comparison 🙂


Robin has been one of my readers from the very beginning and she even brought her copy of The Amoveo Legacy with her. (This is the original version of Unleashed and no longer in print.) After getting to know her online for the past few years it was great fun to finally meet her in person.

I got to meet several new readers as well! In fact, Kristina and her daughter drove two hours so they could make it to the signing. They definitely won the prize for longest distance traveled! Kristina read the free ebook short story Undenied, told me she’s hooked on the series and can’t wait to read the rest! Gotta love that!



I had the opportunity to meet lots of folks.I love doing events like this and having a chance to chat with different people. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about. People and relationships.

This coming weekend I’ll be doing a signing event at the Yonkers Barnes & Noble with some of my author friends–Stephanie Julian, Chelle Cordero, Tarah Scott and C.H. Admirand.  It’s this Sunday, February 10th from 1:30pm-3:30pm. All the details are on my events page.  So come on by and get your romance tips from the experts…just in time for Valentine’s Day!


Dream on…

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