An Original Theme Song for My Vamps

The Strike Nineteens

This may be the first time that you’re hearing about David Muir and The Strike Nineteens but I assure you, it won’t be the last.

Those of you who’ve read my blogs before are probably aware of the significant role that music plays in my writing process. Thanks to an old college buddy, I’ve found my musical muse for my vampires–The Strike Nineteens. I connected with David and the boys through my friend John Campbell,  he is a DJ on Independents Uncovered Radio.  John and I got back in touch thanks to Facebook and he introduced me to two artists. The first was my musical muse for the Amoveo Legend series-– the lovely and talented Amy Petty — and she was kind enough to allow me to use her music in each of my book trailers for that series. If you haven’t listened to Amy’s music before, you’re missing out and must swing by her website.

John also sent me some songs by an up and coming band from Scotland, The Strike Nineteens. As you can see from the band shot above, they are all adorable and with those Scottish brogues…they’re positively swoon-worthy. However, they’re also really nice guys and incredibly talented. A few years ago, when I first had the idea for my vampires in NYC, their lead singer, David Muir, offered to write me a song. How cool is that?! Super cool!

Allow me to introduce you to this sexy band of Scots….

David Muir –Lead Vocalist, Guitarist, Keyboards and Songwriter









Andy Malley – Bass Guitarist










Paul Kerr – Guitarist, Backing Vocalist











David Thomson – Drums









David wrote a song called “Forever in Darkness” and it captures the feel of my Dead in the City series to perfection! It’s gritty and sexy…just like NYC at night. Once I had the song file, I updated the video trailer for Tall, Dark, and Vampire to include this beautiful, original song. I hope you’ll all enjoy it as much as I do and please share it with your friends. Even if they don’t read vampire romance, I hope they’ll fall in love with this song.

I’ll tell you one thing, when my agent options this series for film…you can bet “Forever in Darkness” will be on the soundtrack.


You can also follow them on Twitter.

David has offered to write another song for VAMPIRE TROUBLE, which will be released July 2014 and I am more than happy to take him up on his offer. I don’t know if I can ever thank him enough for such a generous gift.

Back to the manuscript but before I start I’ll be hitting play on my ipod….and “Forever in Darkness” is first on the list.

Dream on…