Semi-Finalist #2: Kaylyn-Strong Army Wife!

Doyle & IHi my name is Kaylyn Davis and my hero wears combat boots not a cape. Yes, I know it is a bit cliché but it is exactly how I feel. My hubby is Staff Sergeant Doyle Davis. He is active duty army and has been for the last 7 ½ years. He is infantry and we are currently stationed in Fort Drum, NY. We got married July 1st 2006 and on 7th he left to go to Camp Ederle, Italy. We didn’t get to see each other until Christmas Eve when the army finally paid for me to move to him. Six weeks later I found out I was pregnant and that he would be deploying in May. His deployment was 15 long months, where he missed just about everything. He missed our 1st and 2nd anniversaries. He also missed the birth of our daughter, Audree Grace, in September 2007. She was eight days old when she met her daddy. He left 18 days left and then the next time he saw her she was walking and talking. He was there for her 1st birthday on September 21st 2008 and we were insanely thankful for that.

In July 2009 we left Italy and headed for Fort Drum, NY. He deployed for second time in January 2010 and came back December 21st 2010. It was the best Christmas present I could have ask for. My daughter loved to say that Santa brought her daddy home as her present because she was that good. Lol!  On our 5th anniversary we realized he had spent 27 months deployed and that half our marriage we have been separated.

He is currently deployed right now but we have hit the half way mark. We were lucky this time and this deployment is 9 months long. This deployment is probably the hardest because now our daughter is old enough to miss him but too young to completely understand why daddy isn’t home. When he left she was in Kindergarten and when he comes home she will be a first grader.

It is hard being married to man whose job is so demanding but he is beyond worth it. He is an amazing father and husband. I am one of the proudest wives ever and I love him so much. Does it suck that he misses so much? Yes it is horrible and hard but it helps us to remember not to take each other for granted. We always say I love you after every conversion and we are still in that newlywed stage. By the time we are starting to get on each others’ nerves he leaves for a month. We stopped counting the important dates he misses and just focus on when he is home.

We will celebrate our 7 year anniversary in July and I wouldn’t trade the life we have built for anything. He is my soul mate and the first person I think of in the mornings and the last person I think about at night. He gave me the best gift ever; the little brunette lying on my back playing with my phone. Every time I miss him I just look at her because she is the spitting image of him except with my attitude.

“I prefer peace. But if trouble must come, let it come in my time, so that my children may know peace.”- Thomas Paine.

That is exactly why my hubby fights and why so many other men do as well.



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