10704022_10100286779947611_2491360236232459652_nI was so freaking excited for NY COMIC CON this year and with good reason!! Geek fan-girl fun and a panel?! SO lucky!





My beautiful, talented, amazing, sister came along and took pics of the whole crazy day. She’s awesome.



In addition to geeking out at NY COMIC CON, I had the distinct pleasure of participating on a panel  with fellow authors; Damon Suede, Larissa Ione, Stephanie Tyler, and Stephanie Julian. Our panel, SEXY BEASTS: Paranormal Romance Heroes and Why We Love Them, was held on Saturday night and I’ll be honest…we thought that no one was going to show up.




LOL! I’m happy to report we were wrong. WAY wrong. Our room was packed and there wasn’t an empty seat in the house….the fact that The Hobbit panel immediately followed ours may have had something to do with it but who cares?!

You can see a little video of the crowd here>>>Post by Sara Humphreys.






The audience was awesome and a bunch of folks lined up at the microphone to ask questions. There were so many that we didn’t have time to answer them all! Our moderator, Geoff Symon, did an incredible job and kept the entire event moving smoothly. After the panel we were able to connect with fans and readers, which is always the best part!






It was an incredible experience and we hope to do it again next year.

I also go to fan girl!

I met Manu Bennett…

1601304_592398977531782_1040567565405084371_n Karl Urban…


and my lifelong crush, William Shatner. Le sigh…..



My twins had a blast and one of them dressed up as The Engineer from TF2. He was so psyched when people wanted to take pictures with him and he even ended up on The Gothamist website.

What an AMAZING time! I can’t wait until next year…..

January’s Curated Romance Shelf at Posman Books in NYC!

photoThis month I had the distinct honor of selecting some of my favorite romance novels to go on the “Curated Romance Shelf” at Posman Books in Grand Central Station in NYC.  The curated shelf is an exciting new feature that is the brain child of Stacey Agdern, the super fab bookseller at Posman.


Stacey is a major supporter of romance writers and a huge asset to any romance reader who steps foot in her store. Looking for a great read? Stacey will point you in the right direction. To put it simply…Stacey rocks!

Needless to say, when Stacey asked me to be one of the participating authors…I was thrilled! Laura Kaye selected the books for the December shelf, Stephanie Tyler will be choosing February and Eloisa James will pick her faves for March. Publishers Weekly wrote up an announcement about the new venture, which you can read here.  I’m honored to be included and it’s surreal to see my name in the same sentence as these ladies.

Here’s a shot of my shelf and I even got to sign the shelf. For the record, I didn’t pick my own novel…Stacey added that one 🙂


The only bummer is that one of my all-time favorite books wasn’t available…Blue Moon by Lori Handeland. If you love werewolf stories, then you have got to pick up her Nightcreature series–it’s awesome!

The books I selected are…Dark Prince and Deadly Game by Christine Feehan, I Love This Bar by Carolyn Brown, and Hell on Wheels by Julie Ann Walker.

All of these authors books are sassy, sexy, and superior.

So, if you’re in Grand Central and have time before your train, come on by Posman Books and tell ’em I sent you.

Happy Reading!