I just received the re-vamped cover for BRAVE THE HEAT and I love it! My publisher is awesome because when they decided to go in a different direction with the cover for book 2 in The McGuire Brothers (Trouble Walks In), they agreed to revamp the cover of book 1 as well. I’m pretty lucky. There aren’t a lot of publishers out there that would be willing to invest in something like this.

So what do you think?! If you enjoy my paranormal romances, I really think you’d love this series! “Brave the Heat” is for you if you like:

BraveTheHeat_FinalREDO* A scorching hot fire fighter struggling with his dark past.
* A tough-as-nails heroine determined to protect her family.
* A small town ready to ignite.
* And a second chance at love that may just save them all.

Jordan McKenna is back in town, and Fire Chief Gavin Maguire’s feelings when he sees her after all these years are as raw as the day she left. Then he was just a kid wearing his heart on his sleeve. Now he spends every day trying to atone for the tragedy he couldn’t prevent.
Jordan’s life has not exactly worked out the way she expected. A divorced mother of two with a failed acting career, Jordan’s biggest concern about coming back to Old Brookfield was seeing her first love. But when a series of suspicious fires breaks out, Jordan and Gavin realize that dealing with the sparks between them may be the least dangerous of their problems.

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Happy Dancing!

Typing THE END might be one of the most satisfying moments for me as a writer. Especially when it’s a book that’s been difficult. This was me last night.
Happy Dancing!


UNDISCOVERED is book 1 in a bridge series called AMOVEO RISING. This installment combines the Amoveo world, which readers learned about in the AMOVEO LEGEND, and introduces the new world of the dragons. But it wasn’t quite as simple as blending two worlds and introducing a new one. You see, the twin brothers you meet in UNDISCOVERED are dragons but they were both cursed five hundred years ago. So the normal rules for the Dragon Clan don’t necessarily apply to Zander and Zed.

This was, by far, the most challenging book I’ve written to date. My hope is that it will end up being one of my best. We shall see. It’s in the hands of my editor now. By the time I turn in a manuscript, I’m too close to it to see it clearly and objectively.

Have I mentioned how much I love my editor? Seriously. She’s awesome.

UNFORGIVEN will be book 2 in AMOVEO RISING. This will be Steven’s book! Yay! For those of you who have been patiently waiting, he will finally get his hard earned happily ever after. Steven’s love story will round out the AMOVEO LEGEND series.

The Dragon Clan, who you will be introduced to in UNDISCOVERED, will get their own trilogy which is currently titled DRAGON HEAT.

Plus, I have more McGUIRE BROTHERS books coming and one more novel in the DEAD IN THE CITY series.

I am also trying to find time to finish the LUCK OF THE IRISH trilogy and the second book in PRINCES OF HELL–LUCIFER: Demon of Pride.

Thank you for being my readers. I  know you have many choices about where to spend your reading dollars and I’m honored when my books are included.

I’m off to play catch up and deal with all the stuff I’ve been ignoring for the past few weeks. Next week I’ll be diving into the 1st novel in the DRAGON HEAT series…and more!

Stay tuned!