My Head is Spinning

I knew yesterday was going to be fabulous because I had an appointment to go to the Sourcebooks’ office in Connecticut. I’ve visited both the NYC and Chicago offices but not this one.  My editor, Deb Werksman, works out of the Milford location and I had been wanting to pay a visit. What visit it was! Deb, Susie, and Laura treated me to a yummy lunch and put together a detailed presentation for me. To say I felt loved would be an understatement!

Than as if that wasn’t awesome enough, I found out that two of my books have been nominated for the RT Reviewers Choice Awards!


To see my first contemporary romance novel listed with these fine authors and their work is mind-blowing. Seriously?! Brenda Novak is one of my idols…I’m still stunned.

BTH RT Reviewers Choice Nomination

But the great news kept going….

Vampires Never Cry Wolf -300

My vamps have been nominated too! Holy. Moly.


And THEN….this….



I am humbled and grateful and I love what I do.

Huge thanks to RT Book Reviews for the nods and to all of YOU–the readers!! You guys rock!

VAMPIRE TROUBLE is an RT Book Reviews Reviewer’s Choice Nominee




I am so freaking excited!!! VAMPIRE TROUBLE is an RT Book Reviews Reviewer’s Choice Award nominee in the Paranormal Worldbuilding category.


To say that I’m surprised would be an understatement, especially once I saw the list of the finalists! I will never get over the fact that my name is tossed in there with all of these amazing authors. I mean, these are writers that I’ve been reading for years. I keep thinking they made a mistake but it’s out there now, so no backsies! lol

RT Reviewers Choice Nominees

But the excitement doesn’t stop there because several of my Sourcebooks sisters were also recognized this year.

LOVE AND LET SPY by Shana Galen … Best Historical Romance of the Year Nominee
THE RAKE’S HANDBOOK by Sally Orr … Best First Historical Romance of 2014 Nominee
THE TRAITOR by Grace Burrowes … Sebastian St. Clair Historical K.I.S.S. Hero of 2014 Nominee
WHAT TO DO WITH A BAD BOY by Marie Harte … Best Contemporary Romance of 2014 Nominee
LIGHT UP THE NIGHT by M.L. Buchman … Best Romantic Suspense Novel of 2014 Nominee
HER LONE WOLF by Paige Tyler … Best Paranormal Romantic Suspense Novel of 2014 Nominee
HIS EVERY NEED by Terri L. Austin … Best Erotic Romance of 2014 Nominee


Huge congrats to all the authors who were nominated. You can find the full list of nominees on the RT Book Reviews website and the winners will be announced in the April issue of the magazine.