What the Heck is Paranormal Romance?

When I tell people that I write paranormal romance, in many cases they look at me with a combination of curiosity and fear. They may not say it aloud but their eyes scream, “What the hell is that?”


Paranormal romance novels bring the reader into a world rife with supernatural creatures and typically our hero and/or heroine have otherworldly abilities as well. The hottie seeking our heroine’s affections may be a vampire, werewolf, demon or a shapeshifter. Hell, the guy could be a leprechaun, albeit a super-hot one, of course. Perhaps he’s a cursed dragon shifter who’s been walking the earth alone for hundreds of years. (That was a not-so thinly-veiled-plug for UNDISCOVERED. Coming to you March 7th!)

If it’s a closed society, the humans around them know nothing of the supernatural creatures who walk among them. However, if humans hangout at a known vampire club, then it’s an open society.

However, no matter what wild abilities the hero and heroine posses, regardless of the danger they’re inevitably trying to avoid or the evil they’re fighting against, these two beautiful, tortured people will find their happily ever after.

The wild creatures and magic make it a paranormal but the happily ever after is what makes it a romance. If there’s not a happy ending for our couple, then it’s not a romance.

If we’re being honest, isn’t all romance kind of paranormal anyway?16472954_1054957767942565_5781786274267226387_nOur lovers may not be able to literally read our minds but sometimes it feels like they do. The everyday heroes can’t shift into werewolves but we all know they can act beastly. We might not have mystical potions to heal the sick but good old fashioned chicken soup can come damn close.

We don’t have magic but we do have magical moments and that’s paranormal romance in real life.

Real Life Romance Hero

My husband and I have been together for over two decades. In fact, tomorrow marks twenty six years to the day, although I still can’t believe it’s been that long. We met at
Marist College where we were both studying. Well, technically we met at Skinners Pub, which was the bar across the street from college but you get the idea.

Jeez. Were we ever this young? 12645057_10154065846780628_4244990747161610038_n

We dated for about two and a half years before he proposed, which was followed by a year of engagement and wedding planning. Thanks to my generous parents, we had a dream wedding and were surrounded by all the people we loved on a sunny  September day.

Then came life….and babies…lots and lots of baby boys. Four of them. I knew I’d have children someday but I never thought I’d have four b-o-y-s. Although, I’m sure glad we did. The first of our brood arrived less than a year after our wedding and the other three quickly followed. Those years, when the boys were little, are something of a blur. There were family vacations, trips to the hospital, fights, chaos, crying, diapers, more crying, temper tantrums, cheerios, chicken nuggets, soccer games, baseball, fights about going to soccer, video games, movies, swimming lessons, beach fun, Christmas mornings, laughing until our bellies hurt, laughing through tears and even a few precious scarce moments of quiet.


Through all of it I have had my partner. My husband, lover, friend, and always, my rock. Nothing is perfect. No one is beyond criticism or reproach and marriage is hard. It’s really damn hard.  I’m sure there were days, when he knew what kind of chaos awaited him at home,  my husband probably wanted to get in his truck and keep on driving. But he didn’t. That man is a worker. He works at everything and being a devoted loving husband and partner is no exception. He’s a romantic too but most people would never know that about him. Whether it’s leaving me a little note by the bed before he goes to work on a dark winter morning or sending me a video to a song that makes him think of me, the man puts in the effort.

That’s real life romance.

I know I write about hunky heroes who can shape shift into a dragon, have washboard abs and can touch the heroine’s mind with a seductive telepathic whisper. Don’t get me wrong, those fantasies are great but the real heroes are the guys who put in the work.

That’s a real romance hero.

14292502_10154714792215628_847958577833282268_nThe men who stick it out and stick around, the ones who do the laundry, who get up in the middle of the night to sit in the stream shower with a coughing baby, those are the real life romance heroes.

I count myself lucky to have one of my own.  Now…if he would only put his shoes away….then he’d be perfect. 😉

Happy Anniversary, babe. Here’s to the next 26…