Street Team Smarts Hits #1 on Amazon!


Exciting news! Street Team Smarts has hit two best seller lists on Amazon!

#1 Kindle-Public Relations and #2 Books-Public Relations

I hope my fellow authors will find this a helpful place to begin the often daunting process of building a successful street team!

You can get your copy for just .99!


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Now Available- Street Team Smarts!

I am a lucky author for many reasons but the top two reasons are my readers and  my awesome street team, Sara’s Angels. It’s been such a great experience working with my team, that I wanted to share the process with other authors.
I know a lot of writers would like to start a team but one thing I’ve heard over and over is that they simply don’t know where to begin. The very idea of it seems totally daunting and overwhelming. My hope is that this mini-guide will be a solid place to start and take some of the mystery out of the process.
Warning: It’s short. Super short. I don’t know about you but I hate getting a “how-to” book only to have to wade through pages and pages of stuff. By the end I’m ready to pull my hair out and scream, “Just tell me what to do!” So..this guide is short, sweet, to the point and only .99!
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