A Response to My Huffington Post Article

As you may have seen, an article I wrote for the Huffington Post went viral over the weekend. At last count it had been liked 115K+ times,  shared on Facebook 26k+ times and with over 600 comments it’s safe to say that people connected with what I had to say. If you haven’t read it yet, you can do so here.

Although, not everyone was a fan of my perspective.

I thought I’d take a moment to respond to a couple of the things that people took issue with.

I don’t care what size clothing they sell at AF. If they choose not to sell XL then that’s their choice and I have no issue with it. What I did take issue with, was the way Mr. Jeffries chose to message their marketing platform.

In the article, I referenced my struggles with weight to illustrate why my adolescence was a challenge and why I wasn’t “cool”. However, that was just my example. There are a lot of reasons why kids get ostracized or excluded, being heavy is only one of them.

It’s not about fat vs. thin or boy body image vs. girl body image.

It’s about kindness vs. cruelty.

We have a choice in how we message to our young people and, in my opinion, he chose wrong.

The ironic thing is that I wrote an article stating that his message was mean-spirited  and in response…some people said some pretty mean stuff in their comments.


Most of their negative remarks had to do with my book covers–not that any of those folks have read or will read my books.

I was accused of being a hypocrite because I have “buff” guys on my book covers.

A few points…

1. I never said, nor would I ever say, that there’s anything wrong with being thin, physically fit or attractive. If that’s what you heard then you need to read it again. I appreciate physical beauty as much as the next person but not at the expense of someone else’s feelings.

2. I don’t choose the covers for my books, my publisher does and I think they do a lovely job.

3. I write paranormal and fantasy romance. Some may argue that all romance is paranormal but my heroes are vampires or shapeshifters…and the last time I checked…they aren’t real. If you find out otherwise, please let me know.

4. The heroine in UNTOUCHED is a plus-size model. The heroine in UNLEASHED has struggled with her weight and the heroine in UNTAMED feels like she’s too skinny. No one is perfect in my books, not even the heroes.

5. All of my books end with a Happily Ever After. They are about finding true love and that one person who will love you and accept you for all that you are or all that you aren’t. My hope is that when people  read my books, it gives them an escape from their every day worries.

So that’s it. Back to writing my vampires, shifters and tales of true love and remember…play nicely in the sandbox of life.

Dream on…