Semi-Finalist #3: Aloha from a Proud Navy Wife!

IMG_0729-1 I kind of want to start from the beginning. My husband and I met through a mutual friend, while he was at the United States Naval Academy and I was attending college in my hometown in Washington State. After 2 weeks of conversing through phone calls, texting, emails, instant messages and video chats, we finally got the opportunity to meet face to face for the very first time.I can’t even explain the different emotions that was radiating off of me as I was flying to Annapolis and walking to the baggage claim to meet him. I was a nervous, yet excited mess, but as soon as I saw him, it all eased away and it felt like I was meeting with someone I have known for years. And that’s how our story began.

Aloha, my name is Malia and I married my best friend, Andy, almost 9 months ago. Andy is an officer for the United States Navy in the submarine community. After he was commissioned from the Naval Academy and I graduated from college, we decided to move in together as we began his training for subs. With nearly 2 years of a long distance relationship and relying on holiday breaks to spend time with each other, moving in together was something we were definitely looking forward to.

Our first home together was in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina. During our short 6-month stay here, we learned so much about one another and our relationship was constantly challenged. These challenges would force us to work together and overcome them as one, which definitely helped our relationship grow even stronger. Even though my father was in the Army, he retired when I was very young, so the military lifestyle was fairly new to me. The long hours they have to put in everyday and I was fresh out of college, still trying to figure out the next step in my life.

Trying to focus on our own personal goals and just being together wasn’t always the easiest thing. But as any other couple would, you work hard to make things, you learn to become flexible, and to always expect the unexpected. After Charleston, our next stop was Saratoga Springs, New York! We loved this place, you can’t go wrong with the horse races! Before leaving Charleston, we discussed the possibility of getting engaged sometime in New York and heading to the city hall to get married. We wondered about what outside parties would think, but ultimately it came down to us and our happiness.

This past September, Andy proposed and of course, I said yes! Two weeks later, we headed to the local attorney’s office and tied the know, we were beyond excited and everything just felt right. After he finished his last leg of training, we were to be stationed in beautiful Hawai’i, which is actually where I was born! Now, we live in Hawai’i and are currently facing our very first deployment together. Everyday has been a battle and another journey for adjustments. We were use to going months of being apart, but rarely having the chance to communicate was simply daunting …

There was no way to prepare for it, and I don’t think there is. I miss him so much everyday and strongly wish he was home. As much as I need him, there’s an entire country that needs him a bit more. He truly is my best friend and every moment with him has been amazing! I’m so proud of him and all that he has accomplished, and can’t wait for him to come home!

The men and women in the armed forces are truly amazing people and I thank them for their service!

Mahalo nui loa,

Malia 🙂



The contest runs through Labor Day Weekend but keep sending in those entries in now!

Who is eligible?Wives of any U.S. military service member may enter. Retired or active-duty.
How do you enter? Send an email to with a picture of you and your family member in uniform. Tell us a bit about what branch he serves in, where you’ve been stationed, challenges and so forth. We want to hear your story!
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I hope you’ll help me spread the word about this contest. I look forward to meeting more incredible families!

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Must Have Qualities in a Romance Hero

UNDONE arc coverWith all the broohaha over my article in the Huffington Post and the backlash I got about the covers of my books, my blog topic at Fresh Fiction today seems oddly appropriate. I’m the middle of the blog tour for  UNDONE, the fourth book in my Amoveo Legend series, and today I’m at Fresh Fiction talking about the Top 4 Must Have Qualities in a Romance Hero. Not a single one of my must-haves has anything to do with physical appearance. On a book cover, for my particular genre of romance, hot men are usually what you’ll find as it’s eye catching and will hopefully get a new reader to pick up your book. However, the true heart of a romance hero has little to do with the way he looks. I’ve always said that if a man wants to know how to woo a woman, he should pick up a romance novel or two and it’s not so he can find out how to get in shape.

Even though my heroes are paranormal creatures (shape shifters and vampires) one of the reasons they’re appealing is because they are even more beautiful on the inside. When it comes to physical appearance, we are all attracted to different qualities. However, if what’s inside that pretty wrapper isn’t pretty…well…all bets are off. Have you ever met someone who at first glance was enormously attractive and then as soon as they opened their mouth….not.

Untamed arc cover

I hope you’ll take the time to come by Fresh Fiction today to check out my list and if you leave a comment at Fresh Fiction, you’ll be entered to win a copy of UNTAMED.

Dream on…