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no sleepin thecity

Vampires are nothing but trouble…
As far as beautiful vampire Sadie Pemberton is concerned, werewolves shouldn’t be sticking their noses into New York’s supernatural politics. They don’t know jack about running a city-not even that hot-as-sin new vampire-werewolf liaison who’s just arrived in town.

Werewolves are too sexy for their own good…
The last thing Killian Bane wanted was to end up in New York City playing nice with vampires. Unfortunately, he’s on a mission, and when he encounters the sexiest, most stubborn female vamp he’s ever met, he’s going to have to turn on a little of that wolfish charm…and Sadie’s going to learn a thing or two about what it means to have a wild side…



Moving down the dark corridor, he paused outside the ladies’ room and a growl rumbled in his chest as her distinctly sexy scent filled his head. Eyes closed, he tilted his nose and sucked in a deep breath. At that same moment, the door swung open and with the subtle shift of air came a pulse-pounding surge of Sadie’s perfume. He flicked his eyes open and found himself face-to-face with the source of his obsession.

“Wrong door, Your Highness.” The door shut silently behind her and she stood only a foot away from Killian, who was blocking her exit. Music from the now almost- empty club drifted over them but he barely noticed it. “The little boys’ room is behind you,” she said, pointing over his shoulder. “See? It’s got the nifty outline figure of the dude on the door.”

“I know,” Killian bit out. Curling his hands at his side, he remained stone-still with his eyes pinned to hers. “That’s not what I’m looking for.”

“Oh really?” Settling her hands on her hips, Sadie tilted her chin, and her lips curved as her dark gaze flicked over him from head to toe. “Then what are you looking for? A restraining order? Because that’s what you’re gonna get if you start staking out the women’s bathroom.”

“No.” Killian inched closer, intentionally invading her personal space. He studied her closely, wanting to see if he affected her even a fraction of the way she affected him. Sadie held her ground, but the slight widening of her eyes and subtle flare of her nostrils as he closed in spoke volumes. He sucked in a deep breath and picked up the unmistakable scent of desire. Oh yeah. He was definitely not alone. “I was looking for you.”

“Me?” Sadie blinked. “Why? I gave you the bill. Was it wrong or something?”

“No.” A smile played at his lips and he let his eyes drift over her slowly from head to toe. “I realize that I forgot to give you something,” he murmured.

Killian leaned in, so that his face was just inches from hers. Sadie wavered slightly but still didn’t back away. He breathed deeply, inhaling her scent, which was mixed with the clear aroma of her arousal, and his entire body tightened in response. Sadie’s mouth parted and her tongue flicked over her lower lip temptingly.

“My business card.” Killian smirked as he snagged his business card out of his pocket and held it up between two fingers. “I realized that I forgot to give this to you last night.”

“Right.” Sadie held his challenging stare as she grasped the edge of the card and tried to take it. Killian didn’t let go. Her grin widened and her voice, low and husky, swirled around him like smoke. “Well, are you going to give it to me or not?”

“Absolutely,” he whispered. Holding the edge of the card, his fingertips brushed hers again, sending that deli- cious electric shock through his body and straight to his dick. “And I’m not just talking about the card.”

His suspicions confirmed, Killian turned on his heels and strode away. With her scent lingering in his head and the effects still impacting his body, Killian made his way out of the club. He knew, without a doubt, that merely flirting with Sadie wouldn’t be enough.

Not by a long shot.