It’s snowing.


My boys have a snow day.


I vow, here and now, to never complain about the heat this summer. Not once. Seriously, if I complain about the heat, I give you permission to call me out on it. Look, I know it’s winter. I get it. But what the hell is with this crazy snow every week? I’m flying to Daytona Beach on Thursday and flying home on Sunday. There’s supposed to be yet another storm from Sunday to Monday. What are the odds I get stuck in Atlanta?

I have to change flights because you can’t go direct to Daytona from NYC. I have to be honest, like a typical New Yorker I was mildly annoyed that there’s no direct flight. I thought, “Can’t you fly anywhere directly from NY?” Um. No. No, you can’t.

Honestly, getting held up overnight wouldn’t be terrible. I’m actually a low maintenance flyer. Get me home in one piece. Don’t crash. Really that’s my only requirement. I don’t need a package of peanuts or a warm soda, thank you very much. Just get my butt home safely.

Off to start packing my goodies for the Coastal Magic Convention. See you in Florida!

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