Semi-Finalist Week #6: Skye

My husband is in the Army. He has been serving in the Military for 16 years. I met him at Ft Carson (colorado Springs) where I have lived my entire life. I have seen him deploy for a year, and I stayed home and have worked on my school, trying to finish school before he retires and work over nights stocking groceries…
Right now I am being challenged with a 2 year seperation, due to the Army deciding he is needed as an AIT instuctor, and we decided it was best if I stayed behind and worked on my school and job and keep our new house kept up, even though all we want to do is be near each other, and be newly weds, and not go through our first 2 years of marriage, seperated. with this seperation, it has put a financial strain on us, making it to where we can’t afford to fly/drive out to see each other nor, have the money to move together and become a family.
Skye J.
How about you?
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