Semi-Finalist #10: Babies make four!

Hi, I do not have a current picture of our family because my husband is deployed and he left at the start of my pregnancy. This deployment has been a real challenge for us as, not only have I been pregnant with twins through most of it, but my apartment complex caught fire two months ago, leaving me homeless for a while. I stayed with friends and in a hotel until I was able to find a new place. It took over a month for my furniture and household goods to be returned to me (and I still haven’t finished doing the final inventory of everything that was destroyed).  My husband is due home shortly and I can’t wait for him to feel his growing sons. They are quite active and healthy despite all the stress I’ve been through.

Here we are on the day he left.

Here’s a photo of our damaged apartment complex

Here’s the most recent picture of me.

Thanks for helping military families!



Thank you for sharing your story and thank you to all of the families who shared their stories with us this summer! I’ll be posting the three winners on Monday! 

Dream on….

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