School Fundraiser!

It’s that time of year again!


The school fundraiser packets have come home and my twins are excited to help raise some much needed money for their school. Their Fall Fundraiser this year is with Charleston Wrap and the money raised from this campaign directly benefits all of the children in their K-8 public school.

Their school district has undergone significant budget cuts and fundraisers like this one are critical. The PTA uses the money to help fund enrichment programs, school trips and more.

If you’d like to help support ¬†my boys and their classmates, I hope you’ll pick up a goody or two from the catalog. There are some great gift items and I myself will be looking to grab some pretty wrapping paper.

paper pic

But then again….they turquoise jewelry is really cute….

catalog jewelry

BUT….the kitchen doo-dads are also super fab….




If you’d like to do a little online shopping and help support a lovely NY public school then here’s what you do…

1.Click here to go to the website.

2. Enter Student ID# 583896 and Student ID# 217623

3. School ID#6155

4. Shop away!

**Fundraiser will run from September 23-October 7**

Many thanks in advance to those who support this group and no worries if you can’t!

If your child’s school is looking for a great way to raise money, then I would highly suggest checking out Charleston Wrap!

Dream on….


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