RT Convention-Day 3

Yesterday was Day #3 here at the RT Convention and it was another non-stop whirlwind. I had the opportunity to participate in a special librarian/bookseller party called Afternoon Delight. It was lots of fun to have a chance to meet folks from all over the country who love books–and adore romance!  I have a more in-depth post going up tomorrow over at the Casablanca Authors blog with more pics and info so I hope you’ll check that out.  Anne was supposed to blog there tomorrow but she tore her ACL and fractured her tibia…so that gal needed a friend to pinch-hit. No worries.


The day continued with more sessions of fun, including a riotous hour with authors JR Ward and Jessica Anderson. They had a swear jar in the room. Each of them had to add $1 for every swear…it got up $70!

Last night the fun continued! I had dinner with three of my fave peeps. Authors Cheryl Brooks, Ashlyn Chase and my new friend Emily Greenwood. Emily is a debut author with Sourcebooks and has a Regency series coming in 2013…look for it!

This is a shot of Cheryl and Ashlyn enjoying dinner and drinks. I took a few others but my dumb iphone doesn’t have a flash on it so lots of them were too dark. *boo hiss*

After dinner, I had the distinct pleasure of getting to meet a couple of the gals on my street team, Sara’s Angels! What fun that was!! Vicki and Jenilinh are two of my die-hard angels and devout romance readers. I got to meet up with the gals for a drink and get to know them a bit better–it was a highlight of my trip!

Just as we getting ready to call it a night, I spotted a familiar face….Charles Paz–Mr. Romance 2009.  What a nice guy. He’s very down to earth and a total gentleman…as any Mr. Romance should be. 🙂

After a nice chat with my friend and fellow author Lisa Renee Jones, I headed up to bed.

Time to get ready to tackle Day #4!  Today I’ve got a meeting with my editor, then it’s the Giant Book Fair, then I’m being interviewed by Joyce Lamb at USA Today and more parties to follow.

Dream on…..




7 thoughts on “RT Convention-Day 3”

  1. Thanks, Jane! OMG…the swear jar thing was hysterical. Doc Jess is always a hoot but this was my first encounter with JR Ward.

  2. Sounds like it is a hard job, but somebody has to do it. I’m sure you are glad it is you.
    I had planned to go to the Librarian Day events when it was scheduled for Nashville. Unfortunately, the flood changed that. We had literally just gotten back from Orlando That week and there was no way I could go back. Maybe it will be that close again.

    Enjoy Day 4.

  3. Sara,

    It was a pleasure to meet you at the RT yesterday. Thank you for introducing my sister and I to your books while we were waiting in line and the book fair. They sound great, our kind of book! I just ordered the first one for my kindle and look forward to starting it.

  4. Hi Misty! It was great meeting you both at the fair yesterday 🙂 I’m psyched you ordered UNLEASHED for your kindle and I hope you’ll let me know what you think!

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