RT Chicago Day 2

Yesterday was a fun day from start to finish. I kicked it off with a workout–always an excellent way to start the day. Then I had a chance to grab a cup of coffee with Sue Grimshaw, a great gal and editor at Random House. For those of you who don’t know, Sue was instrumental in helping me get my agent. She went to bat for me and I”ll never forget that. Aside from that piece of awesomeness…she’s a cool chick and I love the chance to catch up with her whenever I can.


Then I went over to one of the many conference rooms in the hotel and  sat in on the Sourcebooks Spotlight, This is a session when publishers essentially pitch their house to prospective authors and agents. Even though I already know how super-fab they are, I still like to sit in on it so I can get the latest and greatest news. For example…with romance print novel sales declining in the industry theirs have been rising significantly. Good stuff.

I also found out that on Saturday I’ll be filiming a video interview with Joyce Lamb, the gal who runs the HEA USA Today Blog.  I’m over the moon about that opportunity and will be sure to tell you about that experience later.

After the spotlight, all of the Sourcebooks authors boarded two party buses! I’ve never been on one of these things before. It was awesome! Dominique Raccah, the visionary owner of Sourcebooks, was on the bus and even treated us to a pole dance!  She’s a ball of positive energy and has a great sense of humor which is infectious.

The ride over to the SB offices was a quick 25 minutes–plus when you’re riding in a party bus with cool people the ride just flys by.

When I stepped through the door of the building, the very first thing I saw was a sign for UNTOUCHED. It was so wild! They had our stuff all over the offices and welcomed us with open arms.  Dominique gave a warm welcome to everyone and if you’ll look behind her in the picture, you’ll see one of the Chicago Cows! Dominique outbid Oprah for this cow! You gotta love that and yes…I took a picture with the infamous piece of artwork.

 It was great to meet the group of people who are responsible for getting our books published and in the hands of the readers.  Every single person we met was welcoming, friendly and passionate about what they do. There are several reasons why Sourcebooks stands out in the industry and the PR that they do for their authors is one of them.

Danielle Jackson is my publicist at SB and she rocks! She handles about 50 different authors and works tirelessly to support us all. This is a shot of her with her wall of bookmarks.

We devoured a lovely lunch and then they asked all of us to sign their author wall. Their motto is “Authors are our rock stars!” Well, let me tell you something…they sure do treat us that way. Sourcebooks is a colorful, energetic and visionary group and one I’m proud to be a part of.

After that whirlwind tour…I”m not gonna lie…I was pooped. I grabbed a quick nap before the evening’s festivities.


 Last night was the Clan McFae Magical Scottish Fling & Costume Competition. Before you ask..no..I didn’t dress up. I couldn’t fit anything else in my overstuffed suitcase. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the parade of creative costumes by my fellow attendees. While sitting in the lounge enjoying  a drink with some of my fellow authors, we got to see some great get-ups.

Here’s a shot of Judy and Jody–a mother/daughter team who looked gorgeous.

Not long after Judy and Jody came by, author Renee Bernard.

She told me her husband made the wings! 

While we didn’t put on costumes, the gals and I got ourselves dolled up and had a blast! In the picture above it’s me, and authors Shona Husk, Emily Greenwood and Sharon Lathan!  I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed hanging out these ladies…Cheryl Brooks was there earlier and I think Shona got a group shot then. Curses! I wish I had it for this post. Next time for sure.

Off to the gym and then more convention fun!

Dream on….

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  1. What a full day! I would have needed a couple of down times to catch a power nap to keep up with it all.
    The Sourcebook Event was definitely well done. The costumes for the Clan McFae Fling were wonderful. It must have been an enjoyable event.
    Keep letting us know what is going on so we can sit here green with envy : )

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