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Would you eat an entire pizza and then ask for your money back?
Would you buy a book at the store…read it…and then return to the store and ask for your money back?



If you want to read a book and then give it back without actually paying for it…there are these places called libraries where that is acceptable. (Many libraries now have ebooks to borrow.)

However, Amazon currently has a return policy that allows readers to actually return an ebook they’ve read for a full refund.

That’s. Not. Cool.

Essentially, it’s legal book piracy.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t get your money back if the ebook file is damaged. That’s different because then you would be getting a refund for a damaged product. What we’re talking about is when someone reads the entire book and then asks for a full refund. That’s not acceptable and it’s completely unfair to the writers and publishers who create these books in the first place.

Please sign the petition  share it with your friends so we can get Amazon to change this unfair practice.


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  1. If you buy a book and don’t like it, then you should have picked something different. That’s why books have blurbs and Amazon has a look inside feature.

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