My Super-Quick TODAY Show Interview Finally Aired!

On Mother’s Day I went down to Rockefeller Center in NYC to tape a segment for the TODAY show. Let’s just say it made for an interesting and memorable Mother’s Day. A car picked the boys and I up at the house, which was a treat all by itself.



When we arrived at 30 Rock we got our security badges and were escorted up to the News Nook, which is a tiny room where they tape some interviews.


The boys waited in a little room across the hall to watch me record my piece. Their favorite part was the remote control they were given. It allowed them to freeze the screen they were watching and they proceeded to freeze my expression in all kinds of crazy  ways.


On our way out we got to see Dr. Oz’s studio and Jack proceeded to tell the woman guiding us, “All Dr. Oz talks about is poop.”


That’s my boy.

At any rate, the interview was originally supposed to air that Monday but as things go in the news biz, it got scrubbed…until today 🙂

They aired it today as part of a larger interview with Jes Baker, a super-fab blogger who posted an outstanding piece–complete with sexy pics–in response to Jeffries.

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