Must Have Qualities in a Romance Hero

UNDONE arc coverWith all the broohaha over my article in the Huffington Post and the backlash I got about the covers of my books, my blog topic at Fresh Fiction today seems oddly appropriate. I’m the middle of the blog tour for ¬†UNDONE, the fourth book in my Amoveo Legend series, and today I’m at Fresh Fiction talking about the Top 4 Must Have Qualities in a Romance Hero. Not a single one of my must-haves has anything to do with physical appearance. On a book cover, for my particular genre of romance, hot men are usually what you’ll find as it’s eye catching and will hopefully get a new reader to pick up your book. However, the true heart of a romance hero has little to do with the way he looks. I’ve always said that if a man wants to know how to woo a woman, he should pick up a romance novel or two and it’s not so he can find out how to get in shape.

Even though my heroes are paranormal creatures (shape shifters and vampires) one of the reasons they’re appealing is because they are even more beautiful on the inside. When it comes to physical appearance, we are all attracted to different qualities. However, if what’s inside that pretty wrapper isn’t pretty…well…all bets are off. Have you ever met someone who at first glance was enormously attractive and then as soon as they opened their mouth….not.

Untamed arc cover

I hope you’ll take the time to come by Fresh Fiction today to check out my list and if you leave a comment at Fresh Fiction, you’ll be entered to win a copy of UNTAMED.

Dream on…

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