It’s Monday. Again. Can anyone tell me why the weekends go by so bloody fast but the weekdays can seem to stretch on endlessly?  I suppose it’s because we’re having fun on the weekends and during the week we’re working in some way shape or form.

 This weekend was no exception. On Saturday I had the distinct pleasure of attending Fiction Fest in Southbury, CT. This is CTRWA’s annual conference and it was fantastic! This was my first year attending and I was impressed by the wide array of workshops that were offered. Once again, the romance writing community proves itself to be awesome. Everyone is friendly, supportive and eager to connect with other writers.

Sunday was Mother’s Day and my 4 adorable sons showered me with cards and kisses. My oldest boy had to work most of the day but he took me out to breakfast that morning with his own money. It was such fun being out with him in a one-on-one situation. He’s turning into an amazing young man and it’s a mere glimpse at the outstanding man I know he will become. Looking into those big blue eyes of his, I saw glimmers of the past and recalled looking into those eyes when they opened for the first time. 

Weekends go fast…weekdays seem to drag….but the years go by with frightening speed.


2 thoughts on “Monday…again?”

  1. I have such mixed emotions about seeing him so grown up. I so proud of the man he’s becoming but part of me wants to grab him and make it slow down. What’s really scary is that in just 7 years my twins will be leaving for college! Then it will just be my hubby and I again…most of the time. It’s crazy how little time our children actually live with us.

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