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Today is the last day to get UNLEASHED for the low price of just $2.99. If you haven’t read Samantha and Malcolm’s story, this is a great chance to get the first book in the Amoveo Legend series and see where it all began. This was my first book and though I admit it’s not my most well-written book, it is a story that’s close to my heart. This love story is set in Westerly, RI and that’s actually where I was when I wrote the majority of it. My family has a home there and we’ve been logging beach time along that shoreline for over twenty years.

Out of all of my books, UNLEASHED has the most of me in it. All of my novels have parts of my life woven throughout the story, but this book contains the largest fingerprint from my childhood.

Here are a few fun facts about UNLEASHED:

1. Nonie, the heroine’s grandmother, is named after my great-grandmother Helen Costigan and her character is a combination of my two grandmothers, Alice and Amy.

2. The location of Nonie’s home  is in the exact spot where my grandparent’s home is in Westerly but the style is different.

3. Millie’s diner, The Dugout, is named after a diner I used to go to with my Dad. He would take my sister and I there on Sunday’s for French Toast. (It always tasted best when he put on the butter and syrup and cut it up for us.)

4.Paddy’s, the beachside bar that Samantha and Malcolm go to on their date, is a real place on the beach in Westerly. They have great drinks and there’s usually an awesome cover band playing on hot summer nights.

5. Samantha and Malcolm look like my parents. My father is an avid bird watcher–and Malcolm is in the Eagle Clan. Samantha is an artist–and my mom is gifted painter. I know. That’s weird. But to be quite honest, I didn’t see the connection until long after I wrote it.

Before I write another book in a series, I go back and read the others. It’s during these “refresher reads” that I notice previously un-forseen connections to my personal life or people in it and usually it makes me smile. I’ve come to realize that all of  my work is personal. Even though I may be writing about vampires, demons or shape shifters…there will always be fragments of my experiences sprinkled throughout.  I may not always point them out to other people…but they’re there.

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