It’s All About Family

11667297_10152870266915997_1358418373625355618_nI’m headed down to Woodbine this weekend for the big family reunion. This gathering has been held every 5 years since 1975 on the ancestral farm and it’s always a great time. There’s a crab feast, a bull roast, a beer truck, bonfires, softball, and more.

One of my friends, the fabulous Damon Suede, made an observation when I first met him. After hearing that I had four children, he said, “Oh, that makes sense.” I laughed and said, “How do you mean?” …”Your books. The recurring theme is family and having a tribe. It’s not surprising that a woman with four children would have that in all of her books.”

He was absolutely right. All of my series have a family, a clan, a coven, a tribe, whatever you want to call it, at the heart of them. To me, there is simply nothing more important than family and that value was instilled in me by my parents and theirs before them. The Woodbine Reunion is a shining example of that core principal brought to life within the many branches of our extended family.

At the 2010 reunion, I had just signed my first publishing contract with Sourcebooks. Fast forward five years…my 10th full length novel is coming out and I currently have three series contracted with my publisher. (Although you *might* want to keep your eye out for a fourth.)

5167N6QedoL._SX303_BO1,204,203,200_While I was at the 2010 reunion, I got the idea for UNTAMED (Amoveo Legend #5). The setting in that book is based on the family farm in Maryland. The hero even has one of the family surnames–Fleury. Although, the last time I checked, none of my cousins can shape shift into a gyrfalcon, cheetah, or a wolf. But then again….you never know.

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