Interview with Shane Rice—1st Runner-Up Mr. Romance 2011

To celebrate the launch of my new website, I thought it would be fun to kick it off with an interview with the always-adorable Mr. Shane Rice.

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 If you went to RT last year and were paying attention, then you know that this handsome devil was a fan favorite. Since RT 2012 is just around the corner, I thought we could catch up with Shane and see what he’s been up to since his wild week at RT.


1. It’s been almost a year since you competed in the Mr. Romance 2011 competition, what has changed the most for you since participating? Since the competition Ive been featured on the cover of 13 books and done a couple book trailers as well.  I’ve met a lot of great people in this industry and gained some friends along the way. 

2.       Part of your prize as the 1strunner up, was to participate in a shoot for a book trailer. What was that experience like? I haven’t even been done the book trailer for winning but I’ve been signed to do a couple other ones ironically enough. 
3.       You’ve been on the cover of some romance novels but have you ever read one?  Honestly?  I only read the sex scenes. 
4.       What do like best about modeling? Getting paid.  Ha.  Actually meeting new people in the industry and getting to travel for different shoots. 
5.       What do you like least about modeling? The stereotype of being a “model”.  I don’t even tell people what I do because its embarrassing. I just tell people “sometimes i either smile or take my shirt off for money.”   That sounds better. 
6.       Last year was my very first RT Booklover’s Convention and I thought it was quite an interesting experience.  Aside from winning, what is the most memorable moment from that convention?  The experience of being really famous for only 4 days.  I don’t think Ive ever had that many people want their picture me.  It was also great to meet different people from all over the world, and awesome authors like Sara Taney Humphreys.
7.       What is your idea of a perfect, romantic evening?  I’m really simple and not too traditional when it comes to being romantic.  I’ll take a baseball game with hotdogs and beer, or being in the middle of the lake on my boat listening to music and watching the sunset over a fancy dinner any day. 
8.    Is modeling your full-time gig or do you have an alter-ego career? I wish I could get enough work to make it full time but for now its defintely part-time to my personal training and working at my bar downtown. 
10.   Where can your fans find you in cyberspace? Follow me @shanecrice on Twitter or request me on Facebook.  I post my covers, modeling pics, workout tips, daily rants, etc…you name it. 
Shane is waiting for your comments and questions…so bring ’em on!  Leave a comment or a question for Shane and  I’ll select one lucky person to win a signed copy of UNTOUCHED, a temporary tattoo and bookmarks! Winner will be announced on Sunday 4/1/12.

20 thoughts on “Interview with Shane Rice—1st Runner-Up Mr. Romance 2011”

  1. i would love to know what books are the lucky 13.. and may i say…. YUM!! thanks for the interview, i thought it was awesome! (and this should be a monthly thing.. meet the face of romance novels. that sorta thing! i love it!)

  2. He sounds like a funny, laid back kinda guy.
    A couple of his answers cracked me up: ‘only reads the sex scenes’….is that for tips? LOL and then he tells ppl he sometimes takes his shirt off for money; I’d love to see some face reactions to that answer!
    And hey, he’s getting the work, right? Good for him…
    Thanks Sara, for posting this!

  3. Hi Shane,
    Do you enjoy modelling and what would you do after modelling?
    It’s a shame that our british men don’t stand a chance against you guys in the US!
    You are gorgeous 🙂

  4. Angie- thanks! I love it and wish I could get more work. I hope to continue this until I get old or get a beer belly. Then il become a plus sized male model ( do they have those?)

  5. I love the fact that he’s not afraid to be on the cover of romance novels and that he loves to hear from fans and readers. I also love his smile and laid back attitude. Makes it easier to imagine his face while reading the books and place him as the hero. And I’d like to ask, have you ever considered making yourself more available to the readers (i.e. participating online forums and such)?

  6. I gotta say skateboarders are so hot!!! Loved the pic:) And I don’t think they have plus size male models…but it doesn’t mean you couldn’t start a new trend! Lol.

  7. i find it nice to find out that your a very down to earth person. I loved finding out that you only read the sex scenes. I wish you would get morw work in the future.

  8. What different places have you been with your modeling?
    Where do you want to go, that you haven’t been yet?

    Love the pics!! I’d buy a book just because your on it!! 😉

  9. Thanks Liesa- I hope some east coast authors can fly me over there to shoot. (hint hint) haha

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