Interview with Len Gunn–Mr. Romance 2011

Untitled 0 00 01-07With RT just a week away, I thought we should catch up with Len Gunn. Len was Mr. Romance 2011 and as fate would have it, the last Mr. Romance…period. I had the pleasure of meeting Len last April and he’s just as charming as he looks–and a perfect gentleman. So without further ado…


1. It’s been almost a year since you were voted Mr. Romance 2011, what has changed the most for you since winning your title? The amount of attention that I have received and a fan following that was completely unexpected. It has encouraged me to create a twitter “handle” and a dedicated Facebook page for Mr Romance.

2.Part of fulfilling your duties as Mr. Romance, was to participate in a photo shoot with Kensington Books in NYC. What was that experience like? It was a fantastic experience! I wasn’t sure what to expect when I went there as I hadn’t done a shoot that was specifically focused on romantic encounters. The shoot went great though. Everyone was considerate and the emphasis was on getting the best looks for each cover.




3.You’ve been on the cover of some romance novels but have you ever read one?You know, because I’ve been so busy I don’t get a chance to read a lot of books and when I do pick one up it’s usually a non-fiction type of book. That’s not to say I won’t ever read a romance novel and now that I’m on the cover of a couple of them I may have to check one out!


4.What do like best about modeling? New experiences. Each shoot is it’s own unique experience. Different locations, different people, etc., there’s always something new that I learn when I’m on the set. I like challenging myself and each job is a new challenge.

5.What do you like least about modeling? Honestly, modeling for the most part has been great. The only thing I regret is not being able to explore my creative side as much as I’d like. I figure that will come in time though.

6.Last year was my very first RT Booklover’s Convention and I thought it was quite an interesting experience.Aside from winning, what is the most memorable moment from that convention? Not to be cheesy but meeting everyone in the industry was great! Like I said, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Convention but it was fun. Fun people and fun activities made the whole experience really enjoyable.

7.What is your idea of a perfect, romantic evening? Romance to me is getting to know someone intimately…going beyond the regular cliche conversations. A nice dinner where the environment is not too loud so we can talk without straining to hear. Good conversation, good food and good wine…It doesn’t get much better than that!

8.What’s the most romantic thing a woman has ever done for you?A girl that I had been seeing for a little while spontaneously invited me on a getaway to Cabo San Lucas. It was great because I wasn’t expecting anything and she paid for it and took care of all the details.

9.Is modeling your full-time gig or do you have an alter-ego career? By day, I run a sprinkler/lighting company. It really is like an alter ego job because I spend all day in the trenches. I end up dirty and grimy at the end of the day and most of my customers have no idea that I’m a model.

10.Will you be attending RT 2012 in Chicago and where can your fans find you in cyberspace? Yes! I will be attending. I can be found on Facebook under “MrRomance-LenGunn” and on Twitter @mrromancelen

So ladies….have any questions for Len? Which cover is your favorite? Len will be popping in from time to time to answer your questions….so ask away.




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Dream on….


29 thoughts on “Interview with Len Gunn–Mr. Romance 2011”

  1. You know what. I’m just going to say it. This was like reading a set up for a romance hero’s story. Dirty by day. Hunk by night. Then being whisked away for a romantic weekend. Sounds like a winner to me 🙂
    Lovely interview. Always interesting to get to know a little about the models on the books I love.

  2. Hello, Len,

    Re your Mr. Romance title: Was there a physical award, and if so, what is it and where do you keep it? And congratulations!


  3. Ah – don’t give up the day job- that must apply to models as well as writers. LOL I do think it grounds us in reality though. After reading that a number of male book cover models refused to do any covers where there were two males together – how do you feel about that? Do you think readers would assume you’re gay if you were on a cover with another man? Or do you credit us with more sense?

  4. awesome questions… if you could pick any romance subgenre to model for, what would you choose, to let the creative side out?? (paranormal, futuristic, historical, victorian, scots etc etc etc?)

  5. Sheila,

    Absolutely there was a trophy! If you google pics from last year, I was actually holding up two, as I also won the readers choice award! I keep both in plain site in my bedroom as motivation every morning when I wake up and go to bed. 🙂

  6. Barbara,

    It would depend on the scene and flow of the shoot. So long as the shot doesn’t come off to lead you in the direction of “gay” I absolutely have no reservations about doing it…. and yes, I do credit you with having more sense as you know I’m just in a role when shooting 😉

  7. Alaina,

    I’m open to all genres’ as I like to challenge my ability to get in whatever character mode necessary and pull off enveloping the readers into the cover to portray what is going to happen when they read the book.

  8. I love “The Lady Gone Bad” Cover. Do you have a cover that you are most proud of” and is there any cover out there that you didn’t do that you wish you had?

  9. My favorite cover is Lady Gone Bad! Congrats on being Mr. Romance!!! How many people did you compete with to win Mr Romance?

  10. Congrats on being named Mr. Romance 2011, Len. Do you have any funny or embarrassing moments from your photo shoots?

  11. Gail,

    I also really like the outcome of “The Lady Gone Bad” Cover; it’s probably my second favorite to “Honor”… I just really like that one! And you know, I do see covers here and there that I say, “man, I should’ve done that cover” but none in particular that I can think of. Great question!

  12. Andie,

    Thanks! I really like that cover as well and also thank you for the kudos. There were nine of us total that competed for Mr. Romance and all of the guys were very professional and fun to be around during the contest. I really enjoyed the experience.

  13. Jane,

    Good question. From the outside looking in, you would think there would be blunders of sorts, but in reality, it is just very taxing and time consuming. I always try to get a feel for the shot we are going for and then put myself into character mode to achieve the desired result. I’ve never really had any silly blunders (fingers crossed).

  14. Really like Lady Gone Bad – Just something about it that grabs the attention

    Mm, have you ever had an employer (from the day job) ever notice that you grace book covers? Just wonder if the book modeling ever clashes with the day job?

  15. Love the Honor cover!!
    Is there any other “job” you’d like to do if you could not do your day job and the modeling??

    Congrats on your winning and good luck with your career!

  16. Wow, what a great interview and what a humble guy. Len, I’m happy to know that you are so down to earth and that you love being a model. Moreover, I’m glad to hear you’ll be returning to RT again this year. I look forward to meet you. Sara, thank you for giving us this opportunity to meet Mr. Romance 2011.

    My question to Len is, would you want to continue being a cover model for all sub genres of Romance Fiction and make a career out of it later down the road?

  17. Raonaid,

    You know, I’ve never had anyone within the work realm that has noticed. I guess they’re not romance book readers???

  18. Liesa,

    First off, thank you for the congrats! It’s been an awesome experience to date, having won Mr Romance. Every person I’ve encountered has been so encouraging. To answer your question, I have entertained the idea of opening a healthy meal and vitamin store. I really enjoy sharing my knowledge and passion for staying healthy as well as mentoring others to do so.

  19. Jen,

    Over the past few years, I’ve really just allowed the ebb and flow of life to take over. Instead of “trying” to make things happen, I have taken the stance of just “allowing” things to happen. Meaning, if something is meant to be, then there won’t be obstacles or issues that make it more difficult to come to fruition. So far, so good; everytime I stick to that motto, the results have always been much better than I could have imagined.

  20. I like the MIDNIGHT SUN by Kat Martin cover best.
    Congratulations on last year’s title. Will you be competing this year or just passing the title to the next winner?
    Will you continue with the sprinkler company and expand, or leave that behind to follow other paths like the healthy living idea?
    It is great that you enjoy the business. It would be too bad it you were so successful in something you didn’t enjoy.

  21. That is a great cover as well! 🙂

    There is no contest this year. We found out months after the last competition that they are no longer having the Mr. Romance competition. I found it fitting that I am forever Mr Romance now; very happy to carry the torch 🙂

    I have been re-growing the company over the past couple of years and intend to continue to grow it so when I’m ready to move on to my next phase in life (which may very well be my healthy living idea), I’ll have a great financial structure in place to help me get it off the ground.

    Great questions! Thank you for asking 😉

  22. Hey LibraryPat–Congratulations! You’re the Week #1 winner! You won the Amoveo tote bag 🙂 Email me your address so I can send you your prize!

  23. Great interview. My question is Do you take a photo of the pose or do you pose for the artist who paints the covers?

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