I’m Being Interviewed LIVE Today on the Radio!

487306_262344823871317_925646369_nHey gang! I’m super psyched to be a guest at Authors on the Air with Pam Stack. I’ll be interviewed today from 11:30am-12:30pm, so if you’re hanging at your desk

and want something to listen to…come on by!

You can listen here. 

Want to ask me something?

Post it on the Authors on the Air Facebook Page and Pam will ask away.

2 thoughts on “I’m Being Interviewed LIVE Today on the Radio!”

  1. I just got around to listening to the interview. It was good! i even caught my hubby listening, though he would never admit it. Anyway, you mentioned that providing “Undenied” for free was a risk, but you did it to introduce readers to your series. I’m one of those readers who found you that way. I loved the book and immediately bought the others and pre-ordered “Untamed.” I love your books and can’t wait for more! I pre-ordered Undone as soon as it was available.

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