Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Maybe it’s the actress in me but I love dressing up for Halloween! My husband and I had a costume party this weekend and it was tons of fun with lots of great costumes. I went as a flapper from the roaring twenties and even donned a wig for the occasion. My sister and her husband came as Ricky and Lucy but she dressed up as Ricky and he came as Lucy. Very funny! The best costume of the night had to be my friend Jessica and her husband Mark. She came as Mother Nature complete with sand in a jar…Sandy…and he came dressed in hurricane clean up gear. It was great! My boys got into the action and wore their silver morph suits which were actually rather creepy looking. We had a leprechaun, a pirate wench, gypsies, Scots in kilts, witches, and even Little Edie from Grey Gardens showed up.

The best part is that my parents came as Rockefeller and Daisy Buchanan. My mom and I were dressed almost identically and it wasn’t even planned! Even our dresses were the same color! As fun as the party was, my boys were still looking forward to trick or treating but Sandy put a wrench in those plans. Our mayor has postponed trick or treating until Saturday night but the boys are just happy that it wasn’t cancelled all together.

How about you? Are you dressing up this year? Leave a comment here and tell me what you’re going as. I’ll pick one person and they’ll win a signed copy of UNTAMED!



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  1. Due to the fact that it will be cold out there and i have to take my son trick or treating im doing the old lady costume, with a thick bathrobe rollers in my hair powder on the face to look more pale and red lipstick and blusher.

  2. I won’t be dressing up this year. My daughter is in college and it’s just not fun dressing up alone…LOL
    Hope y’all are doing okay and HAPPY HALLOWEEN.

  3. I hear ya! Dressing up alone is a bummer. We’re all well here. Sandy made a mess but we are very lucky and still have power!

  4. I will not be dressing up this year. No little ones to take trick or treating. Hope everyone has a great Halloween and gets lots of treats.

  5. I wish I was doing something for Halloween. I had plans to go to a party with a friend but she never got back to me about it. *shrug* I wanted to be a bohemian belly dancer with a veil and everything. Oh well.

  6. According to my son, hes getting too old to dress up so don’t take him out anymore, but my friends and I had a Halloween party at the weekend – went original, as a witch. Surprisingly, I was in the minority, most were zombies

  7. I confess, no I am not dressing up.. we dont get trick or treaters out our way, and im sick.. so i think i shall be taking a nice hot bath.. lol

  8. No, I did not dress up this year. Really I haven’t dressed up since I was a kid. I just never had a reason to. Although, I have been collecting odds and ends from the after Halloween sales to try and come up with something good IF I ever get the chance to dress up. This year I had to stay home and study for an exam that I have tomorrow. Bummer!! It sounds like you had a good time at your party and I would have LOVED to see those men in kilts lol 😉 although I don’t like the shoes they wear now-a-days, those black dressy looking shoes, I say kilts need to be worn with outdoorsy type shoes. Anyways thanks for the giveaway!!


  9. I went as Abby, from NCIS. I couldn’t find a wig that worked, so I just used my own hair. I just posted a pic on my facebook page.

  10. Hi Amy–I hadn’t heard from you so I wanted to try one more time. You won the copy of UNTAMED. Please email me at info@novelromance.net with your mailing address. I can either send you a signed copy or gift it to you via Nook or Kindle. Your choice.

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