Guest Blogger-Nutritionist April Dearden

Hi Gang! Please welcome my guest blogger today, April Dearden. April is not only an old college friend of mine but she’s also an awesome nutrition expert and has been an invaluable resource via her company The New Normal Lifestyle. I’ve been enlisting her help to stay focused on being healthy and her tips, tricks and videos have been a lifesaver–especially around all this dang Halloween candy.  I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us at Thanksgiving and Christmas–because heaven knows I need the help.


“Trick” or “Treat”?


I’m April Dearden a certified nutritionist and corporate wellness coach.  Sara has graciously asked me here as a guest blogger to discuss how to reduce the candy in your home this Halloween.

This time of year, for me, begins the entire holiday season.  Halloween is when I go full out on decorating the outside and inside of my home, attend parties and get ready for the events to come.

Halloween also means CANDY!  Usually lots of it unfortunately.  Candy enters our home in the beginning of October and stays with us for the remainder of the year.  I’m going to give you some “Tricks” on how to reduce the “Treats” you purchase.

  • Buy late
    • Purchase the candy a couple days before October 31st.  This keeps it out of the home until it’s time and can also save money.  Many stores will begin to place the seasonally wrapped candy on sales the closer it gets to Halloween. 
    • Don’t Open The Bag
      • An open bag means you have easier access to the candy.
      • Open and put it in the bowl on Halloween day.
      • Hide The Candy
        • Put it away in a spot you’ll forget about.  Just leave yourself a note as to where you hide it.
        • Don’t tell the family where you hide it.  Don’t even let them know you purchased it!

Our little visiting ghosts and goblins are going to be knocking at the door with bags open anxiously awaiting a treat.  But how about giving them a toy?  There are so many advantages to handing out toys instead of candy.

  • You Can’t Eat It!
    • No temptation here except for some fun play time.
    • Extra Toys Can Be Saved From Year To Year
      • If you’re like me you don’t want to run out.  So you buy more than you’ll think you’ll need.  If that’s candy, it means adding that to the pile the kids bring home.  YIKES!
      • Toys can be saved to use again the following year.  They don’t have an expiration date.
      • Save Money
        • Go to your local dollar store or party store.  You can even find fun toys in bulk on-line. 
        • Look for party favors with a Halloween theme. 
        • They don’t have to be big toys.  Some good ideas are bounce balls, vampire teeth, and glow sticks. 

I mentioned to purchase your candy as close to Halloween as possible.  The opposite holds true for toys.  You’re going to want to purchase these earlier in the month when the selection at local stores is plenty.  If you’re buying online you’re going to want enough time to have the item shipped.  But no worries.  Remember toys are sugar free, fat free and zero calories!



Thanks, April! For more about April, her blog, videos and the services she offers go toThe New Normal Lifestyle.

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