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Hooray! My alter ego’s second novella is finally here. ENTHRALLED is the second installment in Willow James’ Stilettos and Seductions series. For those of you who read PUMPED, you may recall Skylar’s best friend, Jessica. Last we saw Jessica she was running off to Scotland to heal a broken heart and put some distance between herself and that guy she just couldn’t shake. Well, after a few months in Gargunnock tending bar, she’s just about ready to come home. As far as Jess is concerned, she’s totally over her ex. However, when her cousin’s hot brother in law shows up one snowy night with a cocky grin and the lips of a sinner, she wonders if a good old fashioned one night stand might cure her ills? Kendrick Muir is a bad boy drifter who is good at two things. Sex and photography. As far as he’s concerned, one woman could never be enough. However, a snowbound night in his hometown, changes his mind and rocks his world.


Here’s a peek at ENTHRALLED


A gentle rap on the bathroom door brought him from his thoughts. Wrapping the towel around his waist, he opened the door and found Jessica standing there with a nervous smile on that lovely oval shaped face. Her brilliant green eyes widened slightly as they flickered over him from head to toe before looking away.

“Hi,” she said, while tucking one long strand of red hair behind her hear. She slipped her hands in the pockets of her jeans and shifted her feet in an adorably insecure gesture. Dressed in a long sleeved white t-shirt with the pub emblem on the front, she looked just like the girl next door. Fresh faced and innocent. “I’m sorry I took so long to let you in and left you outside freezing your ass off, it’s just that I wasn’t expecting you. Anyway, I thought you might be hungry.”

“Aye.” Kendrick swiped his wet hair off his face while holding her green eyed stare. Dropping his hands to his side, he took a step toward her and to his surprise she held her ground. The narrow hallway seemed even smaller than before as the heat of her body drifted over him in subtle waves. “I could eat,” he said quietly. “If ye will join me. I dinnae like eating alone and like I said…I want to know ye better. After all, if we’re to be snowed in like this we may as well enjoy ourselves.”

“Great,” she said quickly. Jutting a thumb over her left shoulder, she started moving toward the stairwell. “Molly left some stuff wrapped up for me in the fridge and I’m sure there’s plenty for both of us.” She spoke quickly which, belied her nervousness and he found it quite charming. It had been a long time since Kendrick encountered a woman with no airs or pretenses. His smile faded as she backed away from him and he saw she was getting uncomfortably close to the open door at the top of the stairs. “I’m actually not that hungry and–”

Mid-sentence the lights flickered as a rumble of thunder shook the old building and just before the hallway went dark, he saw her teeter on the top step. As the narrow hallway was plunged into pitch-blackness, Jessica let out a shriek and Kendrick acted without thinking. Going on gut instinct, he reached toward her linked his hand around her slim bicep and tugged her toward him just before she went plummeting down the steps.

Yanking her up against him, soft met hard in one delicious moment as her lovely body pressed against his far larger one. Submerged in darkness and with her scent surrounding him, it took a second for Kendrick to realize his towel had fallen off, leaving him buck ass naked. Blanketed by a shroud of inky blackness, the lovely American surrounded him in every possible way. His fingers curled around the soft flesh of her upper arms, the heat of her skin seeped through her clothing and washed over his with remarkable speed. Her breasts crushed against his chest, pressing deeper against him with each shaking breath she took and her distinctly feminine scent filled his head.

The cool plaster wall settled against his back and the heat of her body covered the front of him. The combination of sensations swamped him, making him feel almost drunk on the feel of her. Damn it all, he could have taken her right then and there but Kendrick doubted that would go over very well. He knew she wanted him but he could also tell she was hesitant to act on it and here he was naked as the day he was born, with a growing hard-on while clinging to her in the dark hallway.

Nice move. Very subtle, ye dumb arse.

“Th-thanks,” she said, through a shaking breath.

“Ye almost went arse over kettle,” he rasped. He knew he should let her go now that there was no danger of her plummeting down the stairs but he didn’t want to. She felt too damn good. Warm. Soft. He sucked in a deep breath that was meant to clear his head but it had the exact opposite effect. The clean fresh scent of her shampoo, a combination of flowers and soap, swirled through him and heightened his desire for her. Everything about Jessica drew him in and made him want to delve deeper, to bury his nose in the soft waves of her hair and lose himself in her.

Kendrick blinked and grit his teeth. What the hell was wrong with him? Where the hell did that come from? Had he gone completely daft? He’d stopped her from falling down the stairs and he should let her go, not hang onto her like his life depended on it.

Funny thing was, it kind of felt like it did.



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