Chapter Two

Before Maya could answer him, Olivia’s all-too familiar voice interrupted their conversation.

“I’m glad to see you sent that kid on his way.” Olivia let out a weary sigh and sat on the barstool to Shane’s right. Her bright green eyes studied Maya carefully. While rubbing her swollen belly she said, “I’m impressed you showed such restraint, that one was right up your alley.”

Maya said nothing. Shrugging, she cast a glance at Shane who was giving her a smug, satisfied look. It made Maya want to punch him square in the nose. The house lights flicked on brightly, bringing Shane’s arrogant grin into full view and when the music shut off, his voice seemed to fill the entire club.

“Yes.” Shane pushed his hands off the bar and folded his arms over his chest. “Impressive, indeed.”

“Seriously, Maya.” Olivia ran one hand through her long red curls and smiled. “You’ve come a long way in the last few months. Listen, I know I’ve been kind of bitchy and cranky but this pregnancy has me all screwed up. Do you know I actually ate food the other day? Actual human food. I made Doug go out in the middle of the afternoon to get me a hot dog.”

“A hot dog?” Shane asked with more than a little disgust. “I won’t even eat the hot dog vendor because of the stench.”

“I didn’t realize you were such a snob,” Maya teased.

“I prefer to think that I have high standards,” Shane responded with a lopsided grin.

“Sounds snobby to me.” Trixie hoisted herself up onto the bar and sat behind Olivia. “Doug was probably just happy to have an excuse to go out in the sun.” Trixie cracked her knuckles and stretched her arms over her pink-haired head. “Damn. I’m not much for monogamy but if I have a Bloodmate out there, he better get his ass to New York quick. I’d love to feel the sun on my skin again– but I could do without getting knocked up and eating hotdogs. Gross.”

“Yeah.” Olivia made a face. “Don’t ask me why or how but I ate the whole thing and the worst part is that I freaking loved it or the baby did. Anyway,” she said on a sigh, “I’m sorry if I’ve been tough on everyone but you know how important it is that we leave the customers alone. It’s in the best interest of the coven. My weirdo pregnancy is drawing enough attention from the supernaturals.” She rolled her eyes and let out a short laugh. “This is the pregnancy heard round the world and apparently it’s high on the list of things to discuss at this year’s summit in Geneva.”

“Why do they even have that stupid meeting every year?” Trixie snorted. “Were, Amoveo, and Vamp stuffed shirts all in one place? Sounds like a fuckin’ bore”

“And the Fae, the Brotherhood and the witches,” Olivia added. “Don’t forget them.”

“They gather to share information and keep the lines of communication open.” Shane’s voice cut through the room. “It started centuries ago. The first summit was the catalyst for the truce between our race and the werewolves..”

“Truce or no truce, I still don’t trust the wolves.” Olivia’s tone grew serious. “”I think it’s ridiculous that a pregnant vampire warrants attention from the world’s supernatural leaders.” Olivia shrugged. “Whatever.”

“Why are they even going to discuss it?” Maya’s brow knit together with concern. Olivia may be bossy and a killjoy but she was also Maya’s maker and her friend. No matter what rules she made Maya follow, she’d love Olivia like a mother for her entire existence. “What are they worried about?”

“Human politicians aren’t the only ones who waste time and money.” Olivia’s words were laced with exasperation. “The other supernaturals probably want reassurance from the Emperor to assure he’s not plotting some kind of master vampire race or something.”

“Will they all be in attendance?” Shane asked casually. Maya noticed the way his body seemed wound tight and ready for action at all times. “I assume the Emperor has a sentry attending with him?”

“Yes and Yes. King Heinrich of the wolves, Prince Richard Muldavi of the Amoveo, Zemi the Fae Queen and Willow from the Witches Council. I heard the Brotherhood is being represented by Asmodeus. Anyway, thanks again, Maya, for sending that guy on his way. I like to avoid trouble with humans on a regular day and especially during the stupid summit week.”

“Actually, I didn’t send him away.” Maya tossed the rag into the sink without taking her eyes off Shane. She jutted her chin toward him and leaned back against the register. “He did.”

“Really?” Olivia’s red brows flew up and she looked from Shane to Maya. Running one hand over her rounded belly, she said, “Then I should be thanking Shane while I remind you of the rules.”

“Maybe I’m sick of the rules,” Maya snapped, frustration crawling up her back. Olivia said nothing but arched one eyebrow in response. “Maybe I’m tired of living and working under a damn microscope all the time with every vampire in Manhattan trying to control me and tell me what to do.”

“No one is trying to control you, Maya.” Olivia’s tone softened and she looked at Maya with something akin to pity, which only made it worse. Nobody else knew the extent of the attack Maya suffered like Olivia did and whenever she gave Maya that look, it made her feel pathetic. “This is not just about you, Maya, and you know it. Everyone has had to adjust to the new rules and really it’s only one new rule. No feeding on customers in the club. We live in a big city, Maya, with millions of able-bodied people. Why are you fighting me on this?”

“I’m tired of everyone butting into my life. Maybe I just want to be able to go to work without feeling like my every move is being watched.”

“What are you saying?” Olivia asked with genuine curiosity. “I thought you liked working at The Coven.”

“I do—I mean I did–but it’s just too much, Olivia.” Maya kept her attention on Olivia but could feel the weight of everyone else’s stares. Even Damien had come in from his position bouncing at the door and now stood by Shane. “All of us working together all night and living right next door in the apartments downstairs. Besides with everything going on, I thought you’d be happy to be rid of me for a while.”

“You’re one to complain,” Trixie interjected. “If I have to listen to one more Celine Dion song, I might scream. That shit seeps through the apartment walls and makes me crazy but you don’t hear me complaining.”

“Trixie.” Olivia held up one hand but kept her concerned expression on Maya. “Let her finish.”

Maya straightened her back, finally voicing the frustration she’d been feeling over the past few months.

“I mean it’s different for you and Doug, Olivia. You guys are mates and have your own place at the Presidium’s offices but….I don’t know…living and working together….it’s too much. I feel like I’m suffocating and the walls are closing in on me.”

Before Maya could respond, an unfamiliar voice boomed through the club.

“This isn’t the only joint in town, kid.”

Irritation flickered over Shane’s face at the sound of Rat’s voice slithering into the club. Maya didn’t have to look at Olivia to know how displeased she was by the vampire’s arrival.

“Hello, Rat,” Olivia said wearily.

“Dude, your timing sucks,” Trixie laughed.

“To what do we owe the pleasure?” Shane murmured, turning slightly to his left and peering down at their unwelcome visitor.

Rat was short and bald with a wiry build and while he was stronger than any human, he was no match for Shane. The guy owned a strip club in the city that catered to both humans and vampires but everyone knew it was a cover for a prostitution ring. Maya gave Rat a quick smile and fiddled with the emerald in her necklace. She didn’t miss the look of disapproval from Shane but of course, that only encouraged her. Maya knew Rat found her attractive, and even though she wasn’t interested, if flirting with him would annoy Shane, then she was all for it.

“Don’t you have your own club to tend to?” Shane said tightly.

“Nice to see you too, Quesada.” Rat sat on a bar stool to Shane’s left and winked at Maya and when he grinned, his two gold front teeth glinted at her. His bald head gleamed like a light bulb and the tattoo of a viper slithered out from beneath his collar, around his neck and up the back of his skull. “You’re a barrel of laughs, Quesada. I’m starvin’. You got anything back there for your non-human clientele, blondie.”

Shane interjected before Maya could respond.

“Her name is Maya,” Shane said evenly, slicing a glance toward Maya. “You would do well to speak to her like a lady.”

A lady? Yeah, right. Maya almost scoffed out loud. She nestled the necklace in her cleavage before plastering on a big smile.

“Don’t you pay any attention to him, Rat. You can call me whatever you like. Shane might be the sentry of the city but he’s not my maker, my daddy or my husband.” Maya smiled broadly at Rat, reached beneath the bar and pulled out a bottle of blood. It was common practice for all vampire establishments to keep blood on hand, just in case. Leaning both elbows on the bar, she wiggled the bottle at Rat and if she didn’t know better, she’d swear she heard a growl coming from Shane. “Shall I heat it up for you?”

“No that’s okay, Maya,” Rat said dramatically as he took the bottle from her. “Room temp is just fine.”

Shane watched Rat remove the cap and drink the blood down greedily while keeping his beady eyes on Maya, or more specifically, her cleavage. Shane pulled out a stool and sat between Rat and Olivia and directly in front of Maya.

“I may not be Maya’s maker but I am in charge of keeping order in this city among our kind. “ Folding his hands on the bar, he didn’t miss the face Maya before pushing herself away from the counter. Shane smirked and flicked his attention back to Rat. “State your business or be on your way because as you can see, the club is closed and I’m sure Damien and the ladies have things they need to be doing.”

“I came by to see the Czar, not you, so how about if you go fuck yourself. As far as the ladies are concerned,” he said with a wink to Maya, “I have plenty of things they can do.”

“Not with you,” Trixie cringed.

“Oh please,” Olivia sighed.

In a blink, Shane grabbed Rat by the neck, stood from his seat and held him in mid-air like a rag doll. The smaller, younger vampire flailed his legs uselessly, bared his fangs and clawed at Shane’s hand but it was no use. Standing away from the bar, Shane continued to dangle Rat a foot off the ground with absolute ease. Maya didn’t realize she was backing away until her butt hit the register. Trixie hopped off the bar and linked her arm through Maya’s in a reassuring gesture.

That is one bad-ass vampire. Trixie’s voice, laced with awe and admiration, flickered into Maya’s mind.

More like bossy. Maya shot back.

And sexy. Trixie bumped her hip into Maya’s playfully. Damn, girl. Can’t forget sexy. I’d give my left fang to take a tumble with him but if you ask me he’s got it bad for you.

No way. Maya didn’t want to admit that she thought Shane was sexy. She locked eyes with Shane and her stomach flip-flopped, reminding her, briefly, of what it was like to be human.

His lips lifted at the corners briefly before he looked back at Rat.

“You try my patience.” Shane’s tone, low and deadly filled the club, which had fallen silent. Sadie, the club’s DJ and Olivia’s oldest coven member, flew down from the DJ platform and stood in a protective position next to Olivia. “As you can see, the rest of Maya’s coven is not in the mood for you and your misogynistic attitude either.”

“Misogynistic?” Sadie folded her arms over her breasts, nodding her approval. “I’m impressed. You’re full of surprises, Shane.”

“No surprise how bossy he is,” Maya muttered.

Shane slanted a doubtful look in Maya’s direction before turning his attention back to Rat. “Olivia is the Czar of this district and when you are in my presence you will treat her and every other woman you encounter with respect.” He put Rat back on his feet, yanked him close and growled in his ear. “Or you will deal with me.”

“Let him go, Quesada,” Olivia said evenly. “We’ll give him three minutes to say what he came to say and then he’ll be leaving. Won’t you, Rat?”

Maya did her best to stop staring at Shane but it was an effort in futility. In spite of his annoyingly over-bearing nature, he was magnetic, powerful and frightening all at once. Maya’s fingers drifted to the necklace again as she studied him. It was no secret that Rat was a troublemaker and would probably stab Olivia in the back in a hot minute, so she couldn’t really blame Shane for his reaction.

“Yes,” Rat gurgled and his eyes bugged out.

“Speak.” Shane released him but stood ready to take further action. He glanced briefly at Maya. “And choose your words carefully.”

“Thanks.” Rat rubbed at his neck absently and took a step backward, increasing the distance between himself and Shane but he backed right into Damien, the club’s bouncer. Rat almost jumped out of his skin. “Shit, your coven just seems to come out of the fuckin’ woodwork, Olivia.”

“Two minutes and thirty seconds,” Shane murmured.

“Alright, alright.” Rat held his hands up. “I just wanted to let the czars know that we’ve got some special visitors coming into the city and given Olivia’s condition, I thought she’d want a heads up.”

“What visitors?” Olivia asked quietly.

“Werewolves.” A smile slithered over his face. A collective groan rose from the group. Wolves and vampires had battled each other since the beginning of time and even though a treaty was in place, the tension still ran thick beneath the surface. There were a few lone wolves who lived in the city but not an entire pack. “Not just any wolves. It’s the prince and his little pack of bachelors.”

“Royalty?” Maya asked with genuine curiosity. She’d never met a werewolf before, let alone a royal. “That’s exciting.”

“That is not the word I would choose,” Shane murmured.

“What a shocker.” Maya rolled her eyes.

Shut-up. Trixie elbowed Maya. Can’t you tell how freaked out Olivia is?

Maya looked at her maker and guilt tugged at her. Trixie was right. Olivia seemed unsettledby Rat’s announcement.

“Shit,” Olivia groused. “King Heinrich’s son? I am in no mood to placate an over privileged little werewolf punk. Damn it. I’m sure that Emperor Zhao is going to be annoyed,” Olivia said, referencing the leader of all vampires.

“Do you think it has to do with your pregnancy?” Sadie asked with concern. Sadie was the first vampire Olivia had turned and her dearest friend. She tucked a long strand of brown hair behind her ear and wrapped an arm over Olivia’s shoulder. “A pack comes to town right before you give birth? That’s just too much of a coincidence for me.”

“Do you think they’re coming here looking for a fight?” Trixie asked. “Or maybe they’re on some kind of recon mission?”

“I suppose it’s possible but I doubt it. King Heinrich has always been forthcoming in the past which is why I’m surprised he didn’t mention this visit to the Emperor. I’ve always gotten a heads up from the Presidium’s main office in Hong Kong before a visit like this. Hell, even the lone wolves or couples who visit here notify us before they arrive, let alone an entire pack.”

“And they’re coming into the city while we are down a sentry,” Shane said. “Pete is not scheduled to return from paternity leave for another month. This sounds more unappealing by the second.”

Shane was referring to Pete Castro, a vampire sentry whose mate, an Amoveo shapeshifter, had delivered twins about six months ago. Olivia had granted him time off to be with Marianna and the babies but it seemed really weird to hear this centuries old vampire say the words paternity leave.

“You and Paxton sure have modernized your little corner of the vampire world,” Rat said with thinly veiled disgust. “What’s next? Sun insurance?”

It was glaringly apparent to Maya that it wasn’t just other supernaturals who were irked by Olivia’s pregnancy but other vampires too. Bloodmates created daywalking vampires and based on Olivia’s pregnancy, they could possibly create daywalking offspring. If more vampires found their Bloodmates, then what would that mean for the good, old-fashioned burst into flames in the sunlight vampires?

“When are they arriving and how long are they staying?” Olivia asked.

“They get here tomorrow night and are planning on staying for a week. I heard they’re staying in the Presidential Suite at The Plaza.”

A look of concentration settled over Olivia, one that Maya recognized. She could tell Olivia was telepathing with Doug, the other czar and her mate. Her green eyes refocused and flicked back to Rat.

“How did you come across this little tidbit of information, Rat? King Heinrich should have been the one to alert us to his son’s visit.”

“Viola, one of my familiars,” Rat said, referring to the handful of humans who know about the vampire’s existence. “She hooked up with one of the prince’s flunkies when she was back home in Alaska visiting her Mom. Anyway, all of my familiars are loyal to me.” Rat smirked and Maya didn’t miss the look of annoyance on Olivia’s face. Having too many humans involved in vampire business always made her uncomfortable. “Viola came in to work tonight blathering on about how her new werewolf boyfriend was coming to the city for a visit. She’s a bit of a star-fucker and is moony eyed that she’s banging a guy directly connected to royalty. The King is at the fuckin’ summit or something , so I’m getting the feeling that the kid didn’t ask daddy’s permission. Otherwise, I’m sure you would have known about this before me.”

“I don’t blame Olivia for being concerned. Our truce with the wolves has been solid for the past two centuries but it was King Heinrich’s great-grandfather who signed the treaty on behalf of the wolves—not him. You also said it’s a pack of bachelor wolves which makes them even more dangerous.” Sadie’s expression grew dark and her voice wavered. “They’re even more vicious when they’re unmated.”

“Wolves can not be trusted,” Shane said quietly. “We should take every precaution.”

“Which son is it?” Olivia’s brow knit together. “If memory serves, he has a couple.”

“No clue.” Rat shrugged. “I told you everything I know.”

Yeah, right. Trixie’s sharp tone touched Maya’s mind. This guy is such a dirtbag.

He did come and warn Olivia. Maya responded. He didn’t have to do that.

“Thank you, Rat.” Olivia smiled tightly. “However, next time you have a message for Doug and me—for the Czars—I suggest you follow the proper channels and get an appointment at the Presidium. As you, and the rest of the community know, Suzie, one of my coven members is now the Presidium’s secretary. No more Presidium business at my nightclub.” Her green eyes glittered and she bared her fangs. “Got it?”

“Sure.” Rat shrugged. “Whatever you say.”

A breeze whisked through the room and a second later, Doug was standing behind Olivia and glaring at Rat. “That didn’t sound very sincere to me,” Doug ground out. His hands were placed protectively on Olivia’s shoulders and he stared Rat down. A pang of longing struck Maya when she watched the tenderness Doug showed Olivia.

I wonder what it feels like to be loved that way? Maya thought wistfully to no one in particular.

What did it feel like to have a man be so loving and protective like that? She swallowed the sudden lump in her throat and glanced at Shane, who to her surprise, was staring back at her with a look of curiosity. Studying her intently, he tilted his head to the left and his eyes narrowed. For a moment, it seemed like he was going to ask her something but the sound of Rat’s voice quickly broke the spell.

“Like I said,” Rat leered. “They come out of the freaking wood work. Yeah, I got it. No more politics in the bar. Speaking of which, I better get back to mine. Gotta clean the place up nice for our visitors. I’ve never had royalty come by The Dollhouse before and my girls are pretty psyched—even my vampire dames are giddy.”

“Please remind your dames,” Doug said with mild irritation, “that feeding on werewolves in strictly forbidden. From what I hear,werewolf blood is like a fuckin’ drug, so tell them to steer clear .”

“That is so weird, man,” Trixie snorted and shook her head. “If we get bitten by a werewolf, their saliva can kill us but if we drink their blood it gets us fuckin’ stoned and hopped up like super-vamps?”

“Well, I don’t know why any of this supernatural crap works the way that it does. “ Doug looked at each of them earnestly. “All I care about is this coven, my mate, and our baby. I heard about the war with the wolves and the last thing I want is to rekindle that crap. Especially with Olivia so close to giving birth. So remind your girls there’s no feeding on the wolves.”

“No problem,” Rat said with an insincere smile. His beady eyes flicked to Olivia’s swollen belly and he smirked. “Daddy.”

“What about the prince?” Maya asked with genuine curiosity. “Is he single?”

“That is irrelevant.” Shane’s fangs erupted and he sliced a dark look in Maya’s direction. “You will do well to steer clear of the wolves, Maya. They are savage, unpredictable creatures and aren’t the kind of men you want to toy with. Unlike the czar, I do remember the war and it is not one we want to risk starting again.”

“Oh really?” Maya seethed. “Well, old man, I don’t recall asking for your opinion or advice.”

Shane arched an eyebrow at her and an amused expression flickered over his face. “Old man?”

“Maybe not,” Olivia added. “But I am your maker and I have to agree with Shane.” She rose from the bar stool and stepped back so she could look each of her coven members in the eyes. “I would like all of you to refrain from hunting while the wolves are visiting. The last thing we need is trouble and in my experience, wolves are exactly that.”

“So we’re grounded again?” Maya asked.

“You’re not grounded,” Doug said. He smiled and slipped his arm around Olivia. “It’s more like self-preservation. Just no hunting while the wolves are here in town and bottle-feeds only. We all know that the live feeds can get us all charged up.”

“In fact, I’m going to send a district wide email to alert the community.” The line between Olivia’s eyes deepened. “I’ll be asking all vamps in the city to refrain from live feeds and hunting while the wolves are in town. I just hope everyone behaves themselves and does what’s requested.”

“Shit,” Maya whispered. She enjoyed hunting because it was the one time she felt free. “Well, since they’re not here yet, can we go out and hunt tonight?”

“Sure.” Olivia nodded and smiled at Doug who placed a large hand on her belly. “Just keep an eye out. Like we’ve said the wolves are unpredictable and could decide to come into town earlier than expected.”

“There’s plenty of blood behind the bar,” Shane interjected. He folded his arms over his chest and leveled a stern gaze at Maya. His voice dropped low. “I’m sure that will suffice but if not, I will accompany Maya on her hunt tonight.”

Maya’s mouth fell open in shock. After everything she said before, he still insisted on monitoring her every move. She slipped out of Trixie’s embrace, holding Shane’s stare she stepped closer to the bar. Leaning both hands on the smooth surface, she met his challenging gaze. “I don’t want or need a babysitter.”

“I disagree.” Shane ground out.

Silence fell over the room again. Even though everyone looked from Shane to Maya, she barely noticed them because she was too pissed.

“Like I said before,” Rat shouted. Maya was so fixated on Shane that she hadn’t even noticed that Rat was leaving. “This isn’t the only joint in town, Maya. If you want a change of scenery, we could always use a pretty little thing like you over at The Dollhouse. I’ve got a bartending gig that’s all yours if you want it.” He tapped the big promotional picture that hung at the front of the club, the one that featured all of the girls dressed in vampire garb and baring their fangs. “I may not have slick advertisements like this but The Dollhouse is still a fun place. You know where to find me, kid.”

Rat breezed out and the doors closed behind him with a muffled thump. A smile spread over Maya’s face. Rat just offered her a job and an opportunity to get some breathing room and maybe even create a life of her own.

“Awe, man,” Trixie moaned. “If Maya quits, does that mean we have to do another stupid photo shoot without her. Vampires pretending to be humans pretending to be vampires.” She rolled her eyes. “So freakin’ lame.”

Maya ignored Trixie’s comment and smiled at Shane. “Looks like I have another job offer.”

“Over my dead body,” he murmured.

“Don’t you mean un-dead?”

“You will not work for a piece of slime like him.” Shane’s jaw set and the muscle flickered beneath his stubble-covered jaw. “Not a chance.”

“Like I said before,” Maya continued, dropping her voice to a breathy whisper. “I wasn’t asking for permission.”

“Olivia, can you please talk some sense into her?”

“Our coven is a family, Shane.” Olivia’s voice, edged with sadness, pulled Maya from her battle of wills with Shane. “Maya isn’t a prisoner here. If she needs some space and wants to get a job somewhere else, then while I may not agree with it, I respect her right to choose.”

“Really?” Maya’s voice was strained.

“Yes.” Olivia leaned into Doug’s embrace and lifted one shoulder. “I’m not thrilled at the idea of you working for a guy like Rat but you have every right to make this kind of decision for yourself.”

“Thank you.” Maya fought back tears and looked around the room at the rest of the coven. All of them looked at her with the same accepting and slightly sad look that Olivia had. Except for Shane. He was visibly furious.

“You would allow her to go work at the very club where a pack of wolves are about to congregate?”

“It doesn’t thrill me but I’ll have to trust Maya to behave properly.” She leveled a stern gaze at Maya. “And if you do decide to work there, I will expect you to be back at the apartments immediately after work, at least while the wolves are in town.”

Without another word Maya launched herself off the ground and flew over the bar before gathering Olivia in a weepy hug.

“Thank you,” she whispered. “Thank you so much, Olivia.”

“You’re welcome.” Olivia pulled back and looked Maya in the eyes. Brushing Maya’s blonde hair off her face, she cradled her cheek lovingly and her tone grew serious. “Just remember what we’ve said about the wolves, Maya. They are nothing like human men…do you understand what I’m getting at?”

You can’t glamour a wolf the way you can the human boys. Trixie’s voice drifted into Maya’s mind with sisterly concern. You better be careful, girl.

Have you ever tried it? Maya asked. When Trixie didn’t respond, Maya knew what the answer was. Don’t worry. I know what I’m doing.

“I understand.” Maya nodded and swiped at the tears that fell in spite of her best efforts to stop them. She knew Olivia didn’t want her toying with a werewolf the way she did with the humans and that was fine by Maya. She didn’t miss the glare Shane was giving her but avoided catching his eye. “And no live feeds while the wolves are in town. I promise. But tonight…I’m going hunting.”

In a blink, she flew to the front doors of the club and stopped just before leaving. Maya spun around, her long, blonde hair spilling down her back, and winked at a visibly annoyed Shane. “If you insist on tagging along then you’ll have to catch me first…old man.”

“Fine.” Pulling on the leather sentry gloves, Shane took a step forward with his sights set firmly on her. “I’ll even give you a head start.” He took one step closer. “Ready?”

A surge of anticipation mixed with adrenaline shot through Maya and she placed one hand on the massive wooden doors of the club. Her chin titled defiantly and she nodded. “Always.”

Shane took another step nearer. “Set.”

“Seriously? There are only a couple of hours until sunrise. I won’t be out that long.” Maya’s eyes narrowed and in spite of her best efforts, she couldn’t stop the smile that played at her lips. “Don’t you have better things to do?”

Shane shook his head and whispered, “Go.”

The last thing Maya saw before flying out into the crisp November night was the sexy smile on Shane’s face. Flying swiftly through the dark Manhattan sky, with Shane in hot pursuit, one thought kept racing through her mind.

For the first time, in a long time, Maya wanted a man to catch her.



Tune in tomorrow for more of Shane and Maya’s story…

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