Brenda Novak’s Auction for Diabetes Research

Hello! Brenda Novak, a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author, holds an annual online auction to raise money for diabetes research. Her son, Thad has juvenile diabetes and when I heard about the auction, I wanted to get involved.

As many of you may know, my oldest son has had diabetes since he was two and half. That was one of the scariest days of my life. I was seven and a half months pregnant with our second child when the diagnosis was made. My husband and I were terrified.

575887_10151601945910628_1583148451_nIn the couple of weeks leading up to it, I noticed that Ian was looking skinny and had been drinking a lot more than usual. I remember asking my mom, “Is diabetes when you’re thirsty and pee a lot?” She said, “Don’t be silly, he doesn’t have diabetes.”

Well, later that night on the way home,  Ian started crying and saying that his head was broken. I thought that was really strange. How many two year old’s complain of severe headaches? When we got home, he threw up. I knew something wasn’t right and called our pediatrician the next morning. They told me to bring him right in.

Sure enough, he tested positive for diabetes. We were sent immediately to the hospital where he stayed for three days. It was frightening to say the least, but once his blood sugar was under control, Ian was back to being the rambunctious toddler we’d always known. I remember thinking how lucky we were that it was something manageable.

It is manageable but damn if it doesn’t suck.

The truth is, that diabetes is a life-threatening, life-changing illness. Since we’ve lived with it for so many years, and it’s become a part of our daily life, we sometimes forget how dangerous it is.

In February, we sent Ian off to England for ten days on a school exchange program. I knew, deep in my gut, that he would be fine. I had confidence that he’d step up and take care of himself…but there was still that nagging doubt.

What if his sugar crashes and he passes out in the middle of the night? What if he forgets his insulin or his testing kit? What if he gets a low sugar and doesn’t have anything to eat or drink to raise it?

Before he left, I said,  “Your father and I have been working on you for eighteen years. Time to see how we did.”


My worries were unfounded. Ian managed himself quite well and rose to the occasion, as I knew he would. But wouldn’t it be lovely if Ian, and others like him, didn’t have that worry hanging over them?

The treatments for diabetes have grown in leaps and bounds but wouldn’t it be brilliant if there was a cure?


Brenda’s auction for diabetes research runs May 1-May 31. I donated a summer fun reading bag of goodies but there are ton of fabulous items.  At this online auction you’ll find everything from books, jewelry, travel and more.

Sarah Humphries Basket Main

I hope you’ll participate and support the auction for kids like Thad, Ian and countless others.

Dream on…



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  1. Thank you for your generous donation and for helping us spread the word about the auction. I have a feeling this is going to be a record breaking year for the auction. Together we can all make a difference by showing our support to Thad, Ian and all the others who have diabetes. We will find a cure. Thank you again.

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