Luck of the Irish (Leprechaun’s Gold Series)

**This is a spin off my Princes of Hell series and features the Leprechaun Fae. Born of Witch and Fae, but considered outcasts by both, this secretive race lives quietly in a remote village within the Fae realm.  Although some are searching for a life beyond the limits that are set upon them by the pureblooded Fae. I hope you’ll join me on the next step in this journey and get to know this unique magical race of supernatural creatures.

It begins with LUCK OF THE IRISH…..

10410877_658800624224950_1943364784070125499_nA leprechaun is powerless without his gold….

Banished to the mirrored realm for hundreds of years, Declan Aherne had nothing but time to plot his revenge and mourn the loss of his beloved wife. But when a beautiful human woman, with a familiar amulet, stares into the mirror….Declan’s luck was about to change.




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