Booklist Review for VAMPIRES NEVER CRY WOLF: Hint**It doesn’t suck**

Vampires Never Cry Wolf -300

BOOKLIST Review…..

Vampires Never Cry Wolf.

Humphreys, Sara (Author)

Mar 2015. 320 p. Sourcebooks/Casablanca, paperback, $7.99. (9781402274121).

It sounds like the beginning of a bad joke. What happens when a sexy, alpha-male werewolf walks into a bar owned by a gorgeous, stubborn, centuries-old vampire? It shouldn’t work, and yet it does. Killian Bane, the werewolf prince, is in New York to open a new nightclub to cater to supernaturals living in the city, and to escape his family’s matchmaking. To gain a leg up on the competition, he has been a regular visitor to Coven, the club owned by vampire Sadie Pemberton. As things heat up with Killian and Sadie, Killian’s club is receiving anonymous threats of violence. There isn’t much mystery to who is behind the threats, but the romance between Sadie and Killian sheds some new light on interspecies dating. Couples from previous books feature heavily, but readers will not be lost if they jump into the series here.

Humorous, snarky, and totally hot, this is a terrific addition to Humphreys’ Dead in the City series

(following Vampire Trouble, 2014). For fans of the fanged and furry.

— Ilene Lefkowitz

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