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Today is my birthday and Mother Nature just delivered my bday wish from 1985–SNOW DAY! All four of my boys are home with me today, which is wonderful. My oldest is in college now and goes off on his own more and more, so it’s nice to have them all here. We even had the opportunity to sit and have breakfast together with placemats and everything. Best part? They actually put their dishes in the dishwasher. Hey, it’s the little things!

The boys kept asking me what I wanted for my birthday and I couldn’t think of anything. I’m so blessed. Husband. Children. Home. Health. Family. Friends. A career I love.

What more could I ask for?

(Okay, I winning the lottery or making the NYT list would be pretty good.)

But seriously, life is good and I’m thankful. Getting older is okay too because the alternative is not appealing at all.

To celebrate my birthday, I’d like to giveaway a few swag packs. Just leave a comment here and tell me about your best bday. I’ll pick 3 people to win a swag pack of goodies. These two stickers, nail files, and bookmarks!



Heart my bbf



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  1. my best birthday is when my husband is celebrating with me..Be in the military is very tough,always in deployment for month and month .Always gone for any Holiday during the year..add also the kids that they were always celebrating only with me…Anyway my best birthday is:when my husband was home and could be with me and the boys all together….hugs

  2. First Happy Birthday. I don’t have one best birthday they are all pretty good despite the fact that people tend to forget it since it is December 23. I am usually with family celebrate The holidays and that makes them all great.

  3. Gee Sara! you look too young to have a boy in college! I wish you a special day today and lots of love and hugs! Keep on writing those amazing books of your! Happy Birthday! Bonne fête!

  4. I would have to say, and people will think I am crazy, but…here goes!
    The best birthday I think I have had is when me, my hubby and kids spent the weekend in Lake George to go into Warrensburg for the World’s largest tag sale, a yearly event! My teenage kids didn’t even complain! (since they knew it was what I wanted). Of course, afterwards, spending time back in Lake George village with the whole family was amazing! Didn’t end up buying anything but quality time for sure!

  5. My best birthday was this past one. We finally were able to go on vacation. We drove down to Georgia (from Ohio) to visit my grandparents. They had never met my kids. We stayed there for a few days and then drove over to Tybee Island and stayed for a few day. Even though we were driving home on my actual birthday I couldn’t have asked for a better one. We were able to visit with some of my favorite people and my boys were able to play in the ocean for the first time. My kids may not remember it when they get older but I will. I will treasure that birthday forever. Happy Birthday Sara. Thank you for including us in your special day.

  6. Happy Birthday !! I also enjoy when the kids are home now also..both are in college. Enjoy the rest of your day !!

  7. My best birthdays are always when the whole family can get together. My family has always made it a point for birthdays to be about family, but the last few years have been tough with my brother being in the military. We haven’t been able to celebrate any birthday all together for seven years now, but next year I think he’s coming come for his birthday, so that will be very nice.

    Happy birthday and thank you so much for the giveaway! Fingers crossed. 🙂

  8. First off, Happy Birthday Sara! *raises wine glass (or beer bottle) for a toast* Heres to many many more! I truly hope you enjoy it to the fullest and have an absolute blast! Since I’m a Summer baby, all my birthdays are awesome 🙂 My best was when I went to Atlantic City for the first time two years ago with my mom. The beach was amazing and she was the one to win some money at the casinos instead of me! All in all, I loved spending the week with her.

  9. My best bday was when my parents got me a B&N gift card and I went book crazy for 5hours, just sitting in the store finding the best books I could for myself, it was so much fun and I will one day do it again:)

  10. Actually I turned 48 this year and my son and daughter in law made it the best bday ever. They took me out to eat and spoiled me rotten for the day. I absolutely feel blessed to be with them and to have them in my life.

  11. Well, the birthday I spent in Costa Rica and the birthday I spent on a Caribbean cruise both spring to mind. I went with the same friend both times. The only black spot was when he didn’t put his camera far enough away from the water, and our pictures were lost (Costa Rica). Happy Birthday to you.

  12. every year I can spend with my family as I get older is wonderful…I get to watch my grandchildren grow up to be fine people… they are 4,12 and 18 ..and my 2 kids are the best in the world !! hope your birthday is everything you want it to be and you deserve..

  13. My best birthday was the year my Star Trek fan club all went to a nice steak house to celebrate a successful club event, and pulled a Happy Birthday on me! Serving staff brought out a little cake and the whole place sang “Happy Birthday” to me. Then they paid for my meal. It was especially meaningful as my Dad had passed not long before, and it helped me shed some of my sorrow and depression. The club has always been so supportive and helpful, but this celebration was just great!

  14. Happy Birthday Sara. My best birthday was when I turned 30. My friend Joyce gave me a surprise party. All my friends were there. What made it the best? I got one of the best kisses in my life (still no comparison) from my friend Eddie. I was even dipped. Ahhh! Did anything come of it you may ask? Unfortunately no. His boyfriend was there too. I still tease him about that kiss many years later.

  15. Best bday has to be the day my son who was 5 at the time gave me a set of Star Wars video’s and a orange stuffed frog. He was so proud that he picked them out all by his self without his dad helping. His reaction was better than the gifts and then we watched all three video’s together snuggled with the frog. I still have both 22 years later.

  16. My best birthday was when my Sweety took me to a spa and then encouraged a nap, woke me about ten and took my to the airport and surprised me by flying my son to see us. The next day, my Sweets made BBQ rib feast for the whole family. It was the most spoiled I have ever been. It was awesome!!

  17. Happy Birthday, Sara!! I typed a long response in, but then my computer restarted. So, I just quickly want to wish you the best birthday ever!!

  18. Don’t think I’ve had a best birthday. I’ve never had a party but I’ve enjoyed being with my immediate family!

  19. Happy Birthday! At my age all the birthdays seems to run together. But I can say that because my birthday is July 4th I get to enjoy a huge fireworks display every year! And I love it. Let me also say that I loved Unclaimed, as I have every other book in your Amoveo series.

  20. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARA, I hope you’ve had a great day enjoying with your family. my best birthday would have been 21 years ago when i found out my husband and i were having a baby. we tried for 6 years and our 2nd IVF try worked.No better gift .

  21. Christmas is the best day of the year for me! My kids usually come home for Christmas as they have both now graduated and moved forward in life…Christmas is usually when I know I will get to see and spend time with them! Happy Birthday to you and enjoy family while they are there!

  22. Happy Birthday! Hope it’s a good one for you.

    My best birthday was actually my last one. My brother, sister in law, dad and step mother and daughter all surprised me when my brother and his wife came into town for my birthday. But we all surprised my dad who’s birthday is just a week after mine by getting him a cake too and bringing him presents too. We all went over to my dad’s house and celebrated. It was a nice surprise.

  23. Happy Birthday, hoping your day was filled with lots of love and happiness.( which it sounded like it was off to a wonderful start with your boys). my best bd was 18yrs ago I meet my husband on that day.

  24. My best birthday was this past October. My four kiddos made me homemade cards and a cake. Homemade stuff is the best present you can get!!! Happy Birthday!!!!

  25. My best birthday, my sister threw me a birthday party and made me a Happy Birthday pie (she also made a cake for the party). I’ve never been a big cake eater, but I love homemade strawberry pie. My sister hates to cook, but she did all of this for me on my 15th birthday. She was only 16, so that was pretty cool. She even convinced our father to leave for a bit to let our friends scream and yell in peace for awhile. It was great. Happy Birthday to you!

  26. Happy late birthday! honetsly my best birthday really wasnt even mine persay see my amazing nephew was born 5 days before my birthday. and wa s born early so he spent eactly 5 days in the hospital our mircle baby came home on my birthday my sister god rest her was a single mom so we did everything together for him as amazing and has been an amazing almost 17 yrs wouldnt trade that memory for the world

  27. Thanks so much for the fab bday wishes!!! The 3 winners are….
    Beth Kennedy
    Kym Amaral
    Daria Ahern

    Check your email ladies!

  28. My best birthday was Sept 21st of 2008. It was a sunday and we christened my 9 month old. After church I threw her a christening party and my whole fanily came out to celebrate. It was really special to me because I got to spend my day with family and my baby girl went threw her first milestone in life.

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