Birthday Booty

It’s my birthday today and I’ve been blessed with a bonanza of birthday wishes on Facebook and Twitter, via email, text messages and some fab birthday calls too. My day started beautifully with cards, kisses and coffee and toast brought to my bedside by my boys. It doesn’t get any better than that!  One of the cards came with a pin proclaiming me the Queen and I’ve contemplated wearing it.

It may be my birthday but I want to give a present away today. So leave a comment here on the blog and tell me your favorite scene from any of the Amoveo books and I’ll pick one person to win a travel mug with the cover of UNDONE on it!

Comment below by 11:59pm on  12/12 to enter.




17 thoughts on “Birthday Booty”

  1. aaaarg!! I don’t have a favorite, I haven’t got to read them yet 🙁
    I’m sure they are fantastic though. (running to get nook and read novella i just got)

    I can’t pick just one! One of my fave scenes is at the end of Untamed when Layla goes to William at the end of the book and she finally tells him how she feels!

    I hope you have an AWESOME birthday!!!

    ehaney578 at aol dot com

  3. Happy birthday!!!
    My fav scene is in untamed. When Rosie makes Layla realized how dumb she was. I laughed at that part.

    Thank you for thr contest.

  4. I can’t pick a single scene… But I fell for Malcolm right off he bat (and love how he defends Samantha in the diner.) I’m about to jump into book 3 now and have the pre-order of book 4 on my holiday wish list!

  5. Hi Kimberli-That diner scene is one of my favorites too. Enjoy Untamed and be sure to let me know what you think.

  6. Just finished Untamed and LOVED it!! It’s my favorite so far. William is so uptight he sqeaks and Layla was perfect for him! Rosie I loved and hope to see more of her. Will Dante’s sister get a book with Pete? I hope so!!

  7. I loved when Dante and Kerry are on the plane in Untouched and Dante’s all seductively flirty and then he reaches over and tucks her hair back and she has that OMG moment that changed her life.

  8. Hi Tina–So glad you enjoyed it! To answer your question, yes, Pete and Marianna get their story in UNDONE (May 2013) and then UNCLAIMED is Dominic and Tatiana’s story. Steven will get his happily ever after in a novella, UNBOUND. If you want a sneak peek at UNDONE, check out the video trailer here on the website.

  9. Hey Lucy–That was one of my favorites from that story too. I also love the dance scene with Layla and William.

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