ASMODEUS Part 3 is Out!

 Part 3 of ASMODEUS is finally here! I have to give my readers a great big THANK YOU for your patience.  I had planned on waiting and releasing parts 3 and 4 together but I’ve had so many messages from people wanting the next installment, I didn’t want you to have to wait one more second.


Part 4, and the conclusion of Kai and Asmodeus’ story, will be out before Thanksgiving but that won’t be the last you see of these two. They’ll be an integral part of LUCIFER: Demon of Pride. Those of you who’ve been reading the Princes of Hell series may remember that Lucifer and Zemi the Fae Queen have a past. Well, let’s just say that they’ve got a combustible future that will keep everyone on their toes.

The buy links for Part 3 will go live at some point over the next day or so.

I’m posting the ones that are available now but check back for the others, I’ll be updating this post frequently!

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Dream on…..

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