ASMODEUS: Episode 2 Now Available!


The second installment of ASMODEUS: Demon of Lust is now available! If you haven’t read episode 1…don’t sweat it. You can pick up Episode 1 and 2 for just .99 each. I decided to publish a serialized novel so that my readers would have something fun to read in between full-length novels. It’s an experiment that I’ve been enjoying and so far, it looks like readers are digging it as well.

There will be two more episodes in Asmodeus’ story this fall and then if reader demand is there, I’ll continue with another demon’s story. There are seven Princes of Hell, and each of these bad boys would love to be the center of attention but Asmodeus had to be first.

Here are the links to the various ebook retailers. If you enjoy the series, I do hope you’ll let me know.


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