Ask Me Anything for TMI Tuesday

Untitled designSamantha Chase and I have embarked on a new venture–Sam ‘n Sara Take on Romance. Each week we have 3 different video series to share with you! The week kicks off with TMI Tuesdays. We want you to ask us anything. Seriously. Nothing is off limits. Your question can be as cheeky as you want it to be–and we’ll answer it! So be sure to swing by my Facebook page and Samantha’s Facebook page and post your questions every Monday!

Here’s my first episode of TMI Tuesday! You’ll find all of them on the video tabs of our FB pages. So…go ahead…ask us ANYTHING


TMI Tuesday: Episode 1 SaraHere it is! My first episode of TMI Tuesday. In these weekly videos Samantha Chase and I will answer *any* questions you guys throw at us. In Episode 1: Which authors influenced you most? and Which one of the sex scenes that you’ve written is your favorite?

Posted by Author Sara Humphreys on Tuesday, October 6, 2015

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