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This is the spot where you will find some extras 🙂 Deleted scenes, bonus scenes, and so forth. Life is busy but I’ll do my best to add one “extra” per month.  I know that time between books can seem like forever and I want to be sure to give all of you a little something more whenever I can. Be kind. These scenes are edited only by me and they are meant to be shared solely here on my website. Thank you all so much for being one of my loyal readers and if you’re a new reader–I thank you for joining me on this crazy journey!

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The little scene below is from UNDONE. It was cut from the book because this was the only time I switched to Richard’s point of view and my editor felt it would be too abrupt of a change–and she was right. For those new to the series, Richard and Salinda are the royal couple and leaders of the Amoveo, the ancient race of shapeshifters living secretly among humans. I’ve had readers ask for Richard and Salinda’s love story and perhaps at some point down the road, I’ll post it here. They are about 300 years old, although neither of them looks over the age of 35 or 40, so their love story would be a paranormal historical romance and that’s a different animal…so to speak.

I hope you enjoy this glimpse into the mind of the Amoveo prince….

UNDONE arc cover

Richard and Salinda sat just inside the mouth of the cave but remained invisible to the naked eye. They were both even older than Artimus and utilized the advanced cloaking shield that only certain elders had learned to use. He’d never been more grateful for that particular gift than he was right at this moment. They could do what they needed to without fear of discovery.

He sat on the ground, cross-legged, facing Salinda and holding her delicate hands in his much larger ones. Eyes closed, fingers linked, they sent their combined energy signatures in search of a weak spot in Artimus’ shield.

The dark shell of energy encased the compound much like the rock of the mountain. The thick layer of energy pulsed with hatred but since it was an extension of Artimus and his power, that was of little surprise to Richard. He had always been a troublemaker and the first one to call foul against other Amoveo, especially those outside of his own clan. Richard suspected that Artimus’ breeding plan was about more than just pure Amoveo—he suspected that Artimus wanted to keep even the clans pure.

Such a fool.

Richard rubbed the smooth skin of his wife’s hand with his thumb and reveled in the feel of her fingers linked with his. It had been over two hundred years but he loved her even more now than he did that first day he laid eyes on her at the Gathering when they were barely teenagers. They had fifteen children and all but the baby were grown and mated, with families of their own. Many favored his clan but he was thrilled to see almost half of them favor the Tiger Clan, like Salinda.

As Richard and Salinda’s combined tentacles of energy plodded along the shield, he prayed for the strength to find a weak spot. He remembered the horror he’d felt when the Caedo family came after his beloved mate, so he couldn’t even fathom how Pete must be feeling knowing that his mate and unborn children were at the mercy of a man like Artimus.

Refusing to be distracted by fear and fury, Richard kept one thing at the forefront of his mind.

Finding a way in.



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