3 Series within 1 World

Recently, I’ve had some readers asking me about my three paranormal series and how they’re connected.

The first paranormal series I wrote was the Amoveo Legend. It delves into the magical, mystical world of the Amoveo, the dream-walking, telepathic, shape shifters in search of their one true mate. As the series expanded, so did the world. I didn’t intend for my shifters to have other paranormal creatures connected to them or their world…it just kind of happened. The game changer book is UNDONE (Amoveo Legend #4) because it’s a crossover novel that introduces the vampires and demons.

I’ll be honest, I knew the vamps would make an appearance in UNDONE but not the demons. In fact, Asmodeus just kind of showed up when I was writing Pete and Marianna’s story and his character simply would not go away. My vamps had a spin off series in place, Dead in the City, but there were no plans to create a separate series for the demons. Plans or not. Asmodeus wouldn’t be silenced.

Thanks to self-publishing, I was able to expand this fantastical world to include a series for Asmodeus and the rest of the Brotherhood–Princes of Hell. The original plan for Asmodeus’ novel–ASMODEUS: Demon of Lust-– was that it would include the world of the Fae but as usual, my plans went by the wayside once I began writing. In Princes of Hell the readers get Demons, Fae, and Witches.

So, Yes. All three of my a paranormal romance series are connected but you don’t have to read them in any particular order. They are written as stand alone novels.

Amoveo Legend—-Dead in the City—-Princes of Hell

Thanks so much for coming along with me on this journey~

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